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Why do we choose to cope with self-destructive behaviors?

Do you ever wonder what is wrong with you? I mean sometimes you see many people going through more tougher situations that you are and they are not breaking down the way you are, they are not self-destructive( they do not self-harm, they do not starve themselves etc.) So why do you? Do you ever wonder that? Why cant you cope with healthy behaviors? And why these people dont cope with self-destructive methods too?


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I've often wondered what is wrong with me. I've come to realize that people are different. Some people have under laying mental health conditions, including myself. People are raised with different coping skills and environments. There are so many reasons why two people standing in the same puddle might be having completely different reactions to it. I doesn't mean anything is wrong with you. You recognize the self destructive methods, so now you work on it.


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Maybe I don't, or maybe I do, well, I'm just too comfortable in my bubble to make the effort of changing for the better, so while I don't find and inmediate motive to start doing something, I just stay the same, because why bother. In the long run is going to be a problem, but it's like being addicted to bad habits, yeah, I can't think of a better way to describe it. Is bad for you, you know is bad for you, but you can only think about how bothersome is to quit.
I second that. I know that I'm pathetically weak and that anyone else would be absolutely fine in my life. It's just me. My fault. But that's just me. I don't apply that to anyone else.
yeah see reading your reply, I think oh no don't say that! dont put yourself down, people are just different, doesn't mean someone's stronger and someone's weaker....... but then I just put myself down technically so I should take my own advice *dunno2
but yeah I blame it on me being pathetic, I feel like other people are stronger than I am, better at handling things

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