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Why do we get anxious?

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I have a pet theory going around in my head at the moment that most mental illness comes down to anxiety at base, when you get through all the rest of the covering emotions/reactions/coping mechanisms that possibly layer on top of it - it may or may not be true but given that that is the way I am thinking at the moment, I was wondering if anyone had any random thoughts (as obscure and weird as you like) as to:
what anxiety is and why we get anxious............?


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Erhm... Anxiety wouldnt be the source of many "mental health issues". Sorry I dont like that term, probably because Im nuts :tongue: Anxiety at best is a secondary issue to a root cause of issues. Granted sometimes those issues are so close to the beginnings of anxiety they appear like anxiety, but anxiety in itself is caused by a preceding situation or deliema. It's like the bastard child you dont want, but are stuck with... until you deal with it. ..er Idk where im goingwith this. Oh yeah. You can deal with the bastard kid and learn to love it, but it was created by you fucking something up. In general :P .. horrible horrible analogy.

Alteast in my opinon. :turtle:


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Anxiety at best is a secondary issue to a root cause of issues.

Interesting but do you genuinely think that the root cause of issues cause the mental health problems or do you think that the anxiety resulting from the root cause of issues then creates the mental health problems.

Because that is what I think.

That is to say, some people may have been faced with an abusive childhood but manage somehow not to develop anxiety over it - i.e. those people then seem not to develop mental health problems. I come into contact quite regularly with people from East Africa who have had traumatic childhoods (parents murdered in front of their eyes, rape, instability, refugee camps etc.) and there are, without doubt, those who don't quite manage to recover. They remain unmotivated, damaged, almost catatonic in some cases - but there are others whose mental health seems to remain strong. They overcome their difficulties to become leaders in their communities, doctors of hospitals, get scholarships to do engineering degrees at Oxford - amazing, stunning, life-startling way to overcome their circumstances. They seem to me those who have managed to somehow to have a hold over anxiety - rather than the anxiety managing to take a hold of them....

.... so that is how I see it. But I really want to hear how you see it. Bad or good analogy, I don't care.

But what you are saying is that the mental health problem was caused by a preceding incident so one can have mental unhealth with their being no anxiety as the catalyst.

I think that could be right too - I feel the majority is anxiety based but I have no reason beyond my own thoughts to think that. I have done no research and I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist.

I wish you could explain further how you see it - I would very much appreciate it!



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Or maybe what you were saying is that the catalyst for you was not so much anxiety but guilt...?

I am probably reading that wrong. I just got that impression from the it was created by you fucking something up part.

I don't know.... I am very fascinated by mental health or lack of it.


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Anxiety is natural - too much without any cause is bad for your well-being.

Depression will bring some anxiety - after all if your down - you won't be on your game when it comes to socialising - depends if you get out - and many here work which is a great help.

You can get depression for absolutely no reason - I mean - I have no issues which determine depression - it just came along and - gradually made itself known!

I have had depression for over 30 years - I've not been to Oxford but have created my own things - I was a 'success' in what I done - but - well - this and that happened - not depression - just that sometimes life takes your dreams and smashes them up - well people do this also - but - you just have to rebuild it again - find some other way.

As for 'fucking things up' - don't worry about that - sometimes we do that and feel anxious - but often its depression causing us guilt. But even if we did fuck things up - so what? - chill out on that mate - we all make fuck ups - all we can do is learn and apologise to people we may have hurt along the way - if you do. Be careful as depression might make you a nasty kind of person! - make no mistake - just because someone is feeling down - does not mean that if they were better - that they would be nice!

People with depression can go two ways - nice - or not nice. You CAN function - do everything other people do - work - be in a band - write - get married - and - lol - get divorced!

I know a woman - a mate - who had a divorce party!

Anyhow - main thing to remember is to tell someone how you feel - my fuck up was not telling anyone - but - it was 'good' in some ways - at least I know how far you can take - and why its actually silly to think you can just pretend to be OK to everyone.

Most people need not know about what you really feel - why should they? - but one or two - I think you got to at least do that - but choose carefully - and make sure no woman you tell is going to throw that back at you - some will - with epic malice - well not for me as I'd put my headphones - loud - and actually just run - and keep running - and it would be the easiest romance ever to get over - like an hour later you would be cheerfully opening a can of beer - phone your mates and celebrate being liberated from a fate worse than something bad!

Same applies with women - you tell a man something which is akin to handing over a piece of your soul - do take great care!

If your young - and got good parents - tell them - or anyone who you trust - family or friend.

Tell us here also - that's a first step - and its not easy but now you took it its the start of getting better. Nobody EVER gets better till they themselves take that step - and as difficult as it might seem - its easier than waiting for things to change.

Good luck!

Thanks for sharing mate.

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