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Why do westerners consider suicide more than people from third world countries

Discussion in 'Opinions, Beliefs, & Points of View' started by seithkein, Aug 27, 2008.

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  1. seithkein

    seithkein Well-Known Member

    I mean I don't get it, people from western countries have a huge advantage over people from third world countries but yet the westerners kill themselves way more that the ones from poor countries. People in poor countries have more miserable lives and live in poverty and yet they keep their heads up and never give up. But in a western country, when someone feel a little down all they wanna do is kill themselves. I really don't get, it should be the other way around but yet it's not. So my question is why do western consider suicide more than third world countries.
  2. Austere Night

    Austere Night Well-Known Member

    Simple. Our lives ARE more miserable.

    People in the third world know what to expect in their life. A farm, hard work and a meager salary. They know that's what lies ahead. Most of them anyways.

    We here in the west are lied to. We are taught by the media, entertainment and our parents that we will have a nice house in the suburbs, a car, a loving spouse and happy little children running in the yard. We get this picturesque life, or some other life that includes us being happy and such. 45% of Highschool students believe they will be rich and/or famous. We all expect so much out of life and it rarely gets delivered. We may have far more than mister coffee farm in South America, but we were born into this wealth, and it therefore becomes expected. Our luxuries offer no happiness exactly the same way a house made of sheets of aluminum doesn't make a guy in the Caribbean happy. It's what we expected.

    When we do get depressed, we often get perpetual depression caused by what you are saying. You're minimizing our pain by saying that the third world has it worse, and we therefore see ourselves as weak or unworthy of what we have. We feel far worse because of it.

    In short: We are lied to from birth, and we are sad as hell when we realize it.
  3. Dave_N

    Dave_N Guest

    It's kind of ironic when you really think about it. People in third world countries have so little, yet they are full of hope. They want to come to a rich country like Canada or USA and live the 'American Dream.' People in first world countries have to deal with different problems than people in third world countries. We seem to suffer from more psychological problems than the poor people, while they often worry about where their next meal is coming from. I'm sure people in poor countries kill themselves too, but their deaths may not even be documented.
  4. happypeople

    happypeople Active Member

    Well, when you live in a 3rd world country ur worrying and working all the time about feeding urself and/or family, so u dont have much time to think about how shitty ur life is or think about suicide. and im sure if suddently they became U.S. citizens and had the american dream life that theyd be happy because they lived very hard in the 3rd world country and this was their goal. just different goals. were born into living well, so we want other things out of life then the 3rd world country people and we just sometimes cant find it.
  5. Ozibuna

    Ozibuna Well-Known Member

    Or maybe they don't take things for granted. They have it even harder, they, themselves have to do their best and try and try and try some more in order to achieve something. Those who do actually commit suicide don't believe the..hmm wait they don't want to believe there is another option. Not once i've got "what's the point"/"it's useless"/"what for?!" as a answer to the famous "so why not keep trying question". Funny thing is the odds for them to manage to do what they have to do are considerably lower then the rest, yet taking into consideration the spirit, will and need of that person to live everything totally changes. If there's something most of us need to learn about them is that a mistake or a dead loved one or a bad event in our life shouldn't rule our life forever. It has a impact that's for sure, but they take the best of it and roll with it. Both my parents were peasants, they were studying on the fields while herding their goats/sheep/cattle, they were studying at night at the candlelight, they basically had little to no help since both their parents had little to no education. And yet they did well, they have me and my sister, sure we have our bad sides, but we're good, they're now grandparents (and i'm an uncle yipie!) they have a nice home,and both of them had good jobs. And they tried, that i know for a fact, from both them and my grandparents stories. I'm pretty sure everybody knows at least one such example, so why not remember them when we think we can't do something?
  6. Colourful

    Colourful Well-Known Member

    That's a really interesting point to bring up.
    Funny because it's true, we would expect the 3rd world population to be much more miserable than we are, seeing as they have it harder than us in the sense that they have to fight everyday just to get the basics, the necessities they need to keep alive; over here in the more economically developed countries we are born with everything we need AND more, much more. We are surrounded by luxuries,(though of course we don't see them as luxuries because we were born with them and are used to them, we take them for granted).
    I think it's because we live in such a material world, and most of our goals are related to that, but what happens when you achieve those goals? many of us are disappointed because they just don't fulfill your essence...they're just material possessions with no meaning..we aren't as emotionally connected to each other as people in 3rd wolrd countries are. They value what they have, and they care for one another, and this makes up for their daily battles to feed their families. In the richer countries people are more selfish; everyone has their own goal in life and care only for themselves which in the long run leaves to a feeling of isolation and loneliness i guess. I'm just generalizing here, i know this isn;t the truth for everyone. Basically i'm trying to say that in 3rd world countries you have more of a community feel (i should know i come from one) and the thing is they don't care about the dumb superficial things people in richer countries do..
    Also we have this unrealistic idea of 'perfection' - that's what we want to achieve or else we'll feel inadequate and unaccepted; truth is perfection is impossible - we're striving for a goal that isn't even real :/ and because of this people forget that to be truly happy you need to be beautiful on the inside, not just be perfect on the outside.

    That's just my opinion though, and i'm sure there are plenty of other reasons why the poor are happier than the rich. Oh and i know i was generalizing, of course i know there are many exceptions to everything i said above.
  7. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    They do? I don't know about that.
    The American dream is a joke.
  8. Summer.Rain

    Summer.Rain Well-Known Member

    I can answare it with 1 word:

    In a world where money is everything, the resluts are obvious.
    Yet people dont want to beliave that becouse it sux...
    So thay start talking about love and shit...

    Money = corruption, stress, poverty, death

    Long live the socialism!!

    3rd word countrys arent effected by capitalism so thay live completley in a diffrent way.
    You may say, that the life there sux and all, sure it is, becouse the leaders
    of this countrys are some sort of brainless cold blooded assholes who only
    think for themselfs, like Hitler and his dictatorship.

    Imagine a world, with no countrys, 1 world 1 country 1 goverement
    a world ruled by Socialism where there are no rich people and everyone are equal.
    a world where you could work on your favorite job, to buy your favorite car
    knowing how cheep it is and that everyone can buy one if thay want.
    To do what you like, with free schools and colleges and universitys
    and free healthcare, and all you have to do to enjoy this is to donate
    some of your free time for your country, on you favorite job it is.
  9. Issaccs

    Issaccs Well-Known Member

    Theres so much wrong with that.
    First thing, Socialism is just another branch of capitol ism whether you like to admit or not.
    Then if it is capitalism why do countries such as China and Russia with strong communist and socialist undertones and history have such high suicide rates.
    The map also shows that many traditional third world countrys, mainly Africa don't have any data on the suicide rate, for all we really know their suicide rate could be double or more ours.
  10. Summer.Rain

    Summer.Rain Well-Known Member

    China\Russia is a Comunnism...
    Just so that u know.. i dont know where u from but i sure do know
    that u dont know shit about socialism...
    i was born under socialism... so i know things about it that u wount be able to read in any book
    anyways... why to argue... as long as u happy, cool.
    I think money is destructive and poisoness
    money forces us to hate each other and to fight each other
    money creates poverty. money creates corruption and criminals.
  11. Austere Night

    Austere Night Well-Known Member

    The Utopian idea you have, Summer, is unfortunately never happening.
  12. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Anything can happen.
    Things will not continue the way they are forever. Things change. The way we live life will inevitably change sooner or later.
  13. Mainax

    Mainax Active Member

    Maybe we won't live life sooner rather then later looking at the current fossil fuel crisis.
  14. ItThing

    ItThing Well-Known Member

    Poorer people 'have less', sure, and that can make them sad or angry, but it doesn't make them want to kill themselves. They might even want to die, but mostly they wouldn't do it. Suicide comes from within, because of what you've lost, not what you never had to begin with. Poorer people know what to expect from life, they just work as hard as they can without questioning it, they hope for more money or whatever but they won't kill themselves unless they've lost all hope. Rich people have a lot more hope to lose than most.
  15. JohnADreams

    JohnADreams Well-Known Member

    I'd expect it's because the main goals of everyone living in a third world country are survival and suicide wouldnt help matters much.

    On the other hand, in a first world country you often have to struggle to live up to an ideal, or live semi-isolated since there is less need to create a community in order to survive. If you fail to live up to the prescribed idea of a worthy human being or lose all connections to those few you are close to, then it's easy to fall into despair.
  16. Aleth

    Aleth Well-Known Member

    I doubt suicide is any less common in third world countries. However, many countries don't have a department of statistics, full autopsies following death, and a cultural taboos about suicide which prevents them talking about it.
    So even where statistics exist, they are no doubt woefully underreported.

    If you read first hand biographies though by people from these poorer countries, family suicides are sometimes mentioned.

    I don't think the wealth of a country makes much difference. Suicide is usually about personal problems rather than a simple lack of money.
  17. Random

    Random Well-Known Member

    I think it's a little deceptive. People in wealthy countries have lived most of their lives enjoying pretty much everything life has to offer. There is little more to hope for.

    So you have all these dreams and aspirations and when you finally claw your way to the top of the pile, you ask yourself "This is it? This is everything you could possibly want?".

    Not only that but in America (for instance), you don't have to be at the top of the pile to see that people who are there are often unhappy, unfulfilled and dissatisfied. We have celebrities (and tabloids) to thank for our unobstructed view into the comfortable, yet dysfunctional lives of kings and queens.

    You look at Britney Spears and you think "Do I really want to be her?". But that is the entire objective of our lives. To simply amass as much wealth as possible and to live as comfortably as possible.

    People in poor countries don't have a lot of time to sit around and ponder the meaning of existence. Every minute of every day is a desperate fight to keep breathing. And, probably, many of them are happy. I grew up poor but I didn't know we were poor. Or, I didn't really care. It's amazing how many poor people are happy in spite of it all.

    And in my current life, I can truly say that I'm not depressed because I'm poor. I'm poor because I'm depressed.
  18. OutCaste

    OutCaste Well-Known Member

    I'm a student (from a 3rd world country) currently pursuing my masters degree in the USA...Ever since I came here (almost a month now), I've been feeling increasingly suicidal and depressed. There are a lot of good things about this country but the thing that I dislike the most is the fact that a lot of things over here, be it education, housing, medical, is profit driven. Money is the ultimate, deciding factor whether one lives or dies in this country be it as a means of access to health care or legal representation in a death penalty case. Money topics seem to pop-up everywhere, even in causal discussions. This is the side people from third world cannot see. And if you are an outsider (student or work visa), your life is truly shit. I know international students on my campus who are sharing apartments with 7-8 people, eating ramen noodles and drinking tap water 7 days a week, working 2-3 jobs on abysmal wages because they are not able to pay the astronomical fees charged by universities here.
  19. aoeu

    aoeu Well-Known Member

    In poorer countries, you know your neighbours, you know your village, you have a lot of support. You can drop in on a stranger and have a talk... That's cultural more than anything.

    Mechanization and depersonalization are to blame, in my opinion - in the former USSR, those are as widespread as in the western world, AND their outlook is shittier.
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