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Why do you still live?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by Zurkhardo, Apr 9, 2007.

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  1. Zurkhardo

    Zurkhardo Well-Known Member

    For all the temptation to commit, all the reasons and motivations, many of you remain alive. You remained determined to live, at least to some degree, for your still alive of course =P

    Share with us why your still alive, what keeps you going and living! Most of all, come back to this thread whenever you have doubt!
  2. Scum

    Scum Well-Known Member

    The fact that I don't like to give in.

    It used to be fear of failure, but recent events have shown me I can succeed, pretty easily at that.

    I'm not someone who gives in or quits, I don't want to quit or give in. I'm too bloody stubborn. I should have died earlier this week, but didn't because of sheer stubborness, and it's not always conscious stubborness, it is subconscious.

    hands up those of you that are dead :D
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  3. Erebos

    Erebos Well-Known Member

    Apathy. It's a double edged sword.
  4. I've not the equitment I want to die with.
  5. Waste_of_space

    Waste_of_space New Member

    Not knowing a decent method to get it over and done with quickly with certainty,
  6. Kiba

    Kiba Well-Known Member

    Because I dont have anything left to kill myself with. Ive tried many times and my parents r like taking everything away that I can use. v.v
  7. resistance

    resistance Staff Alumni

    I guess the hope that things will get better. But tonight, I am left wondering.
  8. Evo_L

    Evo_L Well-Known Member

    Haven't got the guts to go through with it. I doubt I'll achieve anything by dying.

    Death isn't on the agenda for me at the moment. I've put geniune effort in before to digging my way out of this and yes, it has all gone sour and my efforts have betrayed me. However I need to get back up and start trying again. I need to persevere and try to improve my situation.
  9. Alyssa88

    Alyssa88 Active Member

    Haven't reached my goal yet.

    As long as I get good grades, eat accoridng to my rules and drink I have no problem staying alive.:rolleyes:

    Quiters never win. I am not weak :biggrin:
  10. eddizle

    eddizle Member

    my family will be destroyed if i die so might as well live for them so that they wont get traumatized by my suicide
  11. ashla86

    ashla86 Active Member

    My mother and sister are the only reasons I am still here. They've already suffered through a suicide, they don't need to again.
  12. Darken

    Darken Well-Known Member

    cause I care about my mom sisters and family and I dont want to hurt them, even if it means always suffering mentaly.
  13. AlwaysRain

    AlwaysRain Active Member

    I'm waiting for a miracle or someone to save me.
    not passive waiting, i try to do something even though it seems useless. I guess I need some more failures to complete it.
    I'll know for sure in a week or so, when I know for sure there's no place for me in this life
  14. Evo_L

    Evo_L Well-Known Member

    That's not a very good reason to be honest. You're just living for other people, i know it keeps you alive but I think you really need to look deeper into YOUR problems and find reasons to actually live out your own life.
  15. Ruby

    Ruby Well-Known Member

    because all my attempts at suicide failed miserably
  16. crisisj

    crisisj New Member

    I cannot die til i get some sex.
  17. I'm letting myself suffer more alive. I feel guilty about getting sick, putting everyone through this. I sit back and let the disease in me eat me alive. One day it will all end and it will be done...not by my own hand. And I will have suffered just enough to repay my debt to mankind. Sometimes I feel like if I lie here in bed feeling beaten down by life and by God...then maybe I'm doing my part. He felt the need to make me different...make me sick. 17 years I had a normal life and then in one moment it was gone- I won't see 25 and though its a depressing thought maybe its my bargaining chip. Maybe its my marker to pay something back. I stay alive out of guilt. I stay alive for all those going through what I am and continue to fight after all hope flees.
  18. AlwaysRain

    AlwaysRain Active Member

    if you choose a right partner you will not want to die after that
  19. bumper

    bumper Well-Known Member

    I'm too much of a coward to kill myself.
  20. Marshmallow

    Marshmallow Staff Alumni

    my family and people i love and care about.
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