Why do You take my loved ones from me?

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    Dear Friends – during the time of the Sun's journey through Scorpio, the sign of transformation, death, birth and rebirth, our thoughts may turn increasingly to our loved ones in the world of spirit and we may well ask ourselves, yet again:

    The wise one in you and me, the Christ Spirit,
    In whom we are all one, for a long time
    Spoke to our world and taught us
    Through the legend of the Master Jesus.
    S/He is now ready to communicate with each one of us direct.

    This is how it came about that one day I prayed:
    ‘My loved ones are my safety;
    Why do you take them from me?
    Why do they have to leave me and die?
    Can’t you make them stay?’
    To this the Christ replied: ‘My dear child, understand that
    Those I take from you are not dead; they are not even asleep.
    Learn from their passing the invaluable lesson
    That true security can only be found in Me,
    Never in the people who walk with you
    Or your earthly possessions.
    Rejoice, my child, and revel in the knowledge
    That there is no death and that no-one ever dies.
    There is only transformation and a moving on
    To different levels of existence; that is all!

    Know that love is eternal
    And that it can conquer all – even death.
    When the Angel of death carries one of your loved ones
    Into your other world, nothing needs to change between the two of you.
    That which you have been to each other in this lifetime,
    You can continue to be, if you so wish.
    But know that this is for better or for worse.
    Therefore, let it be for better, My child.
    Because none of your relationships finish with
    The death of your physical body,
    Strive to leave only good ones behind
    And make a special effort to improve your difficult ones,
    For they will continue until they have been resolved.

    Whatever you leave behind unfinished in this lifetime
    Has to be completed in another.
    Where you have sinned, you will have to make good,
    And any wounds you have given or received in your present lifetime
    Must be healed by you, in future ones.
    Until all the Karmic chains and shackles you have created
    Between you and any other soul have been dissolved
    By forgiveness and love for each other,
    You will not be allowed to move onto higher levels of experience.

    But no matter how difficult anything you have to face may be,
    I will always be there to guide and help you.
    So, go in peace, My child, and rest securely in the knowledge
    That you and your loved ones always have been
    And forever will be safe with Me.
    You are eternal beings and your learning will always continue.
    Send them as many loving thoughts as you like,
    But then let them go and give them the freedom to attend to
    The lessons that are now waiting for them, as you must attend to yours.
    To help you grow in understanding,
    New experiences are waiting for both of you.

    From ‘I asked the Universal Christ’

    ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

    With love and light,

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    "That true security can only be found in Me,
    Never in the people who walk with you
    Or your earthly possessions."

    That's a bloody awful message. "You can never find security in your family or friends. Fuck them all, turn to Jesus"?

    Basically saying they can't offer us security and we can't offer them.

    So what's the point in family and friends?

    You see this is why I hate religion.

    If 'God' or 'Jesus' could offer us any security at all, none of us would be on this fucking forum because we wouldn't be going through the horrendous life sentence that is mental illness.

    Sorry to attack religion but it is just so bullshit that there is a 'God' that cares about us.
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    Religion has more plotholes than a movie by Chistopher Nolan :unsure::tongue:
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    I love you.
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    I second this. "God" has given me no comfort EVER. He ignores me when I BEG him for help or just to know him. I know I am an ant and cannot know the bigger picture but my "belief" is that IF there is a "God" he is either indifferent or cruel. I cannot accept that a loving creator would allow/create such misery. If I have to stand before him I will tell him this...and that unless he gives me a good explanation I will continue to believe he is an ass. If he wants to punish me for that then it just proves the point. No loving God would allow so much pain in his children...and if he is God he can fix it excuses be damned...thus he chooses NOT to if he exists. That is in no uncertain terms....evil.
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    i know nothing of religon nor want to but i have to agree here^^^^
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    ugh :sad:
    to the best of my knowledge, my loved ones took themselves from me, physically anyway.

    if someone else is doing this, let me at them...i'm ready...do i need to go into some sort of afterlife to beat the Holy crap out of someone? I'm ready. Where are they? Give me a f****ing map...oh hell, never mind i have that map leaning against the wall...fed and ready to fire.

    F**k it all!

    oh gawd i think i am not doing so well, eh?
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    :( kali
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    The World is a Bridge

    Dear Kazine – what I am talking about in all my writings is NOT religion, but spirituality. I am NOT talking Jesus because I believe this is a figure that belongs to the realms of mythology and legends. God to me means the spirit behind all life who is the living God within everybody, including you and me, the Great Father/Mother of all life who brought us into this world and will take us out of it again, at the allocated moment. To me,

    Moslem tradition tells us: ‘The world is a bridge; pass over it but do not build your house on it.’ It is believed that this wisdom came to our world through Christianity’s beloved and revered legend of the Master Jesus. Those were wise words indeed; no doubt they were spoken to remind us that our true home is elsewhere. Although we are presently walking around in physical bodies, we and everything that shares this life with us is on a pathway of evolution onto ever higher levels of consciousness. Life on Earth is a place of learning and a school of mysteries. In past ages, God has been considered to be its Great Mystery. But the unravelling of what and who we are, to me is the greater mystery by far. Not for nothing has it been said: ‘Children of Earth know yourselves, and you shall know God and the Universe.’ But before we can make any progress in our search, we first need to discover and unravel who and what we truly are. Those who are new on this road of discovery, how about walking hand in hand with me, for a while?

    This life, all life and all worlds, and everything in them – including humankind – is a gift from God and therefore, sacred and holy. And I cannot – for the life of me – share the belief that a great many still seem to hold onto, that this life is a one-off thing. If that were true, then our earthly existence would be extremely unfair and unjust, when in reality it is anything but that. Just take a closer look at our world and its people, and you cannot help but come to the conclusion that such a narrow view cannot be right. First, because it does not make any sense, and second, because that would not do justice to the preciousness and holiness that is contained in all life. The greatest draw-back to the belief of the one-off system is that it cannot explain the purpose and meaning of so much suffering in our world. How could the all-loving and all-knowing Wisdom of the Universal Intelligence of its Creator throw the kind of fate upon any of Its creatures and creations, which we and our world have had to endure, as far back as some kind of records exist?

    From ‘Healers and Healing’
    With love and light,
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    Saving and redeeming ourselves and our world

    From my ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’ I would like to share the following with you:​

    As the Master Jesus belongs to the realm of myths and legends, those who are hoping still that one fine day he will return to the Earth plane to save and redeem them, shall be waiting in vain, because the only who can do this is you yourselves. It is done by each one of you constantly endeavouring to improve your character and behaviour patterns on the Earth plane. You are all responsible towards Me for yourself and your world and the saving and redemption of you and your world is in everybody’s own hands. Your responsibilities begin with yourself and by this I mean that each has to sweep before their own doorstep and take good care to bring their inner house in order.

    At the same time I expect that all human soul make every effort to transform their home patch into a kinder, more tolerant and loving environment for all lifeforms you come into contact with. This is how all together – with My help and that of the Angels – each shall bring their own small piece of Heaven down to the Earth. Because of this, your world will slowly but surely grows into a kinder and more peaceful one. As My children you are creative beings, who are capable of acting as My co-creators, each one of you is gifted in their own special and unique way. By applying all the talents I have so generously bestowed upon all of you to whatever task you may be presented with, every soul must do its share of saving and redeeming yourselves, each other and your whole world. There is no other way!

    With love and light,