Why do you think the vulnerability of relationships are worth it?

Discussion in 'Therapy and Medication' started by Innocent Forever, Feb 21, 2018.

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    Okay. I did not criticize any content in this thread. I just don't get what it has to do with medication/therapy. There is a forum, or sub-forum for relationships.
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    I was asking about relationships in general and about relationships with a therapist in particular, which is why I posted it in this forum as that was the intended focus. I think that all relationships carry the same risk for vulnerability though and all relationships are scary which is why I didn't say only relationships with a therapist...

    Don't worry, no one took it as a critisism. Every question is relevant. And we can all learn from each others thoughts.
    Personally I'm way too straight, and appreciate it when people are, I know that not everyone is as direct.
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    Believe me I would like to add my two cents but honestly, I am no expert for entering relationships with a higher dosage of closeness = vulnerability.
    I guess the equation closeness = vulnerability is the actual problem and matrix-mistake. At least in my life. But happily I am making a lot of new experiences with new people on here, I do not hide anymore, sometimes I think I kind of say "Hi, this is me and I am not only a nice person". Those who stay somehow seem to be worth it.
    Honestly, something is changing right now over here and I dont really get it but it is nice and feels more safe. And it deals with the whole "process" (fucking hate this word) I went through togehter with my therapist. But the anxiety to be wounded again or injure others emotionally will stay as a companion for the rest of my life I think. But who knows...

    oh, so this are more than two cents, huh? Don't spend this money all at once.
    Love, Anne
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