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Why do you want to live?

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the question is usually, why do you want to die, why did that person want to kill themselves?

to me, it's more like .... why do people want to live? when you think about the good versus the bad in life, the fact that my life is among the 10% of the objectively "best" in the world, why in the hell do people want to live?
people live for goals they want to achieve, things they want to see and do, people they want to spend time with, pets, travelling, their job, hobbies, etc. Some people have better mindsets or arent tainted by depression, anxiety, trauma, etc, so to them life is nothing to feel worried about or bad about or they just handle the downfalls a lot better than other people. Some people seem to have way better luck than others too, so its easier for them to see no reasons to quit living. It's all just different mindsets and life circumstances
but in general those positives things make up such a small proportion of time spent on earth... i don't know. sometimes that answer satisfies me sometimes it doesn't.


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I could enjoy every second of it I would say. Even my cup of coffee or the process of wearing makeup or preparing breakfast in the morning.


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Sometimes I am so negative I live just in spite of my haters thats enough sometimes hahaha. But good to have a perspective something to aim for.


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Why I want to live is because my dream came true, last December. Mind you, I still have my mental aberration. That's why I see a therapist on a regular basis. He's a very good therapist. I want to live.
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the fact that my life is among the 10% of the objectively "best" in the world, why in the hell do people want to live?
Your life may be objectively among the 10% most affluent in the world, but that's not to say you are among, or even close to being among the 10% most happy people in the world.

Material things are relevant to happiness, but once you have your basic material needs met, relationships and health become the more important factors.
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