why does asking for help have to be this hard?

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    Today I got a letter from the district psychiatric center. At first I thought, wow they actually do exist. So it basically said that they had gotten the referral from GP. Then it just went on to a bunch of formal talk, rules and guidelines etc. But some of it really bothered me.

    In the second paragraph it sais “you have the right to priority treatment for mental health, and you must receive news of such treatment before march 7.2011. You will be notified of when such treatment will start in a separate letter.” – So, pretty straight forward. But then later on in the letter it has a similar description with a few changes. “According to patient rights, your referral shall be evaluated within 30 days, however if the patient is under the age of 23 and there are symptoms of mental health or addiction they have the right to get an evaluation within 10 days.”

    “The special health service will base the need for an evaluation based on the referral sent in by your GP” – So basically they are gonna decide whether or not I need and evaluation appointment based on quick notes my GP sent them. “You will be contacted in a separate letter which rights you have out of the following options listed”:

    Option 1:
    You have the right to priority help in the special health service and will receive a proper evaluation before beginning such treatment. Treatment will begin within 65 days.

    Option 2:
    You do not have any right when it comes to treatment in the special health service but will still receive it. However there is no time limit of when such treatment has to begin.

    Option 3:

    After reviewing your referral it has been decided that you are not in need of medical care. This meaning that we have looked over your case and it should be fixed between you and your GP.

    So in conclusion, without even talking to me they are going to decide if I get an evaluation. If I get one or not, they have 30 days to answer me. If I’m eligible for treatment it can take 65 days before I receive it. So basically, I’m screwed.
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    It does sound very unfair that they chose not even to talk to the person involved. Not fair at all. If you have a phone number i would call them and state your concerns The health system should not make it so hard to get help and i don't know why they do it it is a awful. When someone is crying out for help all should be heard not just what they choose hugs