Why does everything happen to me ?!?!

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    I truly wonder what the hell goes through peoples minds! Honestly how the hell can you look at me and insult me with a smile on your face? How the hell can you make me do everything in the house when I'm throwing up, may have a broken something in my leg, a pulled muscle from a year ago, constant headaches! How the hell do expect me to live when all I do is get chided for doing something wrong like messing up your sandwich?!
    Honestly I'm so sick and fucking tired of it! I'm tired of dealing with life! I'm fucking tired of doing as am I'm told when I'm told! I'm fucking tired of writing down my punishments! I'm fucking sick and tired of people not listening to me and treating me like a fucking four year old!!
    Damn it I can take care of things you don't fucking have to say of slow and use your hands to describe it I know what you're fucking talking about! Damn how many times do I have to say yes sir and yes ma'am to you before you understand that I know what hell you're talking about?!
    I'm so tired of living this life, I want the hell out, and no one will stop me!! I'm fucking tired of smiling when I have to! I'm fucking tired of saying everything is all right! If you pay enough attention to me and not your fucking dog then maybe you would know that something is wrong with me!!
    I'm completely done with everything, I just want to sleep forever and maybe I will
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    If someone is being abusive towards you, I hope you understand that you are worth living without that abuse, and explore ways to either work with the person on boundaries or freeing yourself from the situation...sometimes, it takes a while, but at least you would be working towards a goal that values you and your well being+