Why does it have to be this way

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    No matter how hard i try i cant do anything right.
    I feel like I have nobody there for me when I need them. I feel like i have no friends. I feel like im invisible,like no one cares, i just wish i wasnt here. Everything would be so much better if i didnt exist.

    i wrote this out of anger a couple of days ago because i needed to let it out;
    I give up on love then
    F*** it
    Screw it
    Love can find me
    I'm sick if trying to find it
    I am over this shit.*
    Treating me like this.
    I want happiness 
    Not f****** this 

    I want to die
    Some one push me in front of a bus. Record it too
    Record the moment I die.
    Let every one see me suffer.
    Sounds good;
    Seems legit.

    ^it describe's everything perfectly
  2. total eclipse

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    I am sorry you are being treated like this hun i hope you find someone that will treat you with only kindness and respect hugs to you