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why does it have to hurt so much...

Sa Palomera

Well-Known Member
...that I want to die too?

the nightmares had been less for a while but they're coming back now, and they seem to be heavier and more frequent than ever. Now they always involve either my Mother or my friend Sharon. I miss them so much :cry:

Again I'm back at the point where I cry at least twice a day over them. All I can think of is meeting them.

Why does it all hurt so much ? :sad: :cry:
It stands to reason that they would be a part of your dreams ester. You have been thinking about them a lot more often lately. Your mind might also be trying to process things byt raising the issue in your dreams when your mind is most open to allowing the thoughts to becom more free. The loss of someone always hurt. Know that we are here for you ester. Take care. :hug:

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