Why does it hurt so much?

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    Why do our minds do things to us to make us feel horrible? Are we really unique in our thoughts of discontent and/or self loathing?
    Why do we forget what's good about our lives and see others and want what they have? Do they have anything different to us..or do they just have a stronger mind?
    Why do we forget what makes us happy when times are hard? Brains going fuzzy and time going really slowly. Why do we crave companionship and love, and yet turn on the ones who are willing to give it?
    Why does being lonely hurt so much? What is so terrifying about yourself and thoughts and life that makes it better with people around? And why is it that when you're lonely no one else can/will help you? Do we really have to turn to others, can we rely on them? Or will we ultimately end up lonely again?
    Why do others take us for granted? Enjoy our pleasures when they can and then move you down a place when other people or situations are better for them? Why do we feel forgotten? Have we been forgotten or have the situations just changed and we dont really understand why or how we can move along with it?
    Why is everyday life a struggle? Why do people you love get hurt, and in turn we hurt to? How can we help them, and how can we stop our own pain if we can't?
    Why does being cheated in life hurt? Can we not find contentment in small things now..like we once did?
    Why do we reach a point where it is too painful and not being able to find anyone who understands?
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    Juliet...you ask very profound questions here...the one question I can deal with is ppl understanding how we feel...I have found that ppl here truly do understand and are willing to be honest and vunerable about sharing their experiences...I think this is one factor that makes SF unique...please continue to share with us and if you find the answer to any of your questions, please share those too...big hugs, J