why does my life always regress even when i actively try to stop it

Discussion in 'I Have a Question...' started by kroque93, Nov 5, 2012.

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  1. kroque93

    kroque93 Member

    i dont know what to do anymore, can anyone give me advice?
    i feel like no matter what i do its shit
    like every time i move forward something pulls me back and i feel like literally ill. if i have to regress completely i will really lose my mind. the people i've known dont care about anything and im like a fly l to them. to me they're so depressing and i have to get away theres no other choice

    i always screw up everything though when there's pressure involved and my portfolio class made my perfectionist stark mad about details and apparently i "dont care enough" about what i want to do now because i screwed it

    but i am depressive over these things
    i want to throw up
    being a perfectionist and also avoidant of people makes me want to purge myself, never eat anything. drink tons of water. i kind of think of people who drink tons of water on ecstasy but i never do ecstasy
    whats it called when you're like this is there a name for it?
    i think its more complicated than being "bipolar"
    id like an alternative if its possible. to purging myself i mean. if it makes me feel more in control
    i always try to have control but i just dont
    this is why im scared everyday

    i dont care about being in a relationship or anything i guess that's the only thing i have going for me
  2. Daphna

    Daphna Well-Known Member

    My sugestion will help you gain the control you seek, but I discourage you in using means like purging yourself that give you the false feeling of control. If anyone knows the feelings that you are describing it is me. Every destructive outlet that I used only gave me a false sense of control and it actually worsened what little control I did have.

    Now I am aware of the true control that I have. Its called free will. I choose minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day everything I think, say or do. You may not understand how this gives us control so I will explain. There is a book of instruction that has all the answers. I had prayed and asked for knowledge and was led to it. In it it taught me the true meaning of life, and the pure way of living in tune with the spirit within me. This frees me from all confusion, doubt, and assumptions made by these emotions. I now have the clam peace that comes with the knowledge of who is really in control, why everything is the way it is, what my purpose is in the midst of it all, and what I can do daily to improve my life and by doing this improving the life of those around me.

    The Book of instruction that I study and share is called the Bible. I have read the entire thing cover to cover and have found that it give us complete control over our actions through obedience of what it says. I hope you consider my words. Peace.
  3. kroque93

    kroque93 Member

    I dont and never will believe in god.

    I believe ppl evolve over time, in free will to an extent but it doesn't make sense, Why aren't all people making more money now? Whats to say of OCD people or people with crippling phobias do they have free will? If it's real why don't they get over those things immediately? because you think they don't want to and they like torturing themselves?? Why should people grapple with the idea of free will to begin with???

    Praying never did anything for me and I don't get anything from praying.
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