Why Does The World Cater To Rich People

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by mooch74, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. mooch74

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    My anger towards rich people has no bounds. They get everything they want. They use their connections to buy themselves out of trouble. They use their money to screw poorer people over. They give jobs to their damn rich friends and their kids. I would like to see some selfish, spoiled, rich person have a tough day in their lives. All wealthy people do is hurt and screw over those in this world they don't feel are worthy of their company. I, for one, am really sick and tired of it.
  2. total eclipse

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    no not all rich people are that way some rich people were very very poor before they worked hard to get what they have and they do understand and care they give their time and help to many that need it
  3. justMe7

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    I think some people who are born into money simply don't understand what it means to not have it. They live in this bubble where if it's chipped by a new one, or get someone to buy them a new one. When some have money they can lose apprication for alot of things. And then there are those who are so money hungry they'll bend every stance just to make a buck.

    That being said not everyone is a jerk or is self centered if they are rich. Some can be very kind and supporting of their friends family and community, and respect what they have by understanding. Though these people are rarely known because they don't feed off of attention like many who are born into money do.
    Hope you feel better and dont let the assholes get you down :)
  4. Prinnctopher's Belt

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    Money talks, you know the rest.
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    Just out of curiosity - what do you define as rich? Many people around the world in places I have been say that about virtually all Americans, and many think we are all rich and by comparison is certainly true. The income level of very low poverty scale Americans is 10x that of many countries average and they have NO social service supports. Somebody making $14k a year thinks somebody making $25k a year has no reason to complain- that person thinks $100k is rich and a person in NYC or Los Angeles thinks $80k is sub middle class. According to many $200K a year is rich according to polls, in which case the average american only needs 4 1/2 years salary to be rich.

    So is it just millionaires or multimillionaires you are referring to? Or billionaire like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet (in which case you might want to check out the charities they support before making such conclusions). And does it count the ones that started out delivering papers and working at McDonalds to get through college? Brad Pitt is obviously rich but in his early 20's he was wearing a chicken costume carrying a sandwich board for a fast food restaurant to buy groceries....

    If we are going to discriminate by social economic class, is that okay instead of by race , religion or sexual preference? And is it is okay than obviously they have every right to discriminate against the "poor" by whatever standard they choose to measure that by because you have already decided it is okay to discriminate by economic class.........
  6. snarrylover

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    Because most countries are ruled by rich people. They look out for their own interests.
  7. mooch74

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    I'm not trying to discriminate against anybody NY JmpMaster. This is in response to several wealthy people I've known who used me, abused me and tried to ruin my life. I can't help it, but I resent such people and won't apologize for it.
  8. JmpMster

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    You should never apologize for resenting or fighting back against people that abused or wronged you Mooch - and I am not suggesting you should in any way. I do think it is more a function of individuals than class as their are plenty of A-holes in the world in all demographics.

    In reference to people that abused you or took advantage as individuals you have my complete support ....