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why don't they understand?

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How come my father, well also my family, think that I'm just being stubborn and thats "its all in the head" with my problems? How come they don't see or understand that?! I once went to a doctor and she probably thought of the same thing. They think I'm just wasting their time and money! FOOLS they think that if you get to support one's financial needs then everything is okay!!! They think so much of material and physical factors!

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aww hun family seem to be the last to understand they deny everything in hope it does go away They should not belittle you pain your sadness hun If you get a professional to talk to them or leave a pamphlet on depression even for t hem to read maybe that will open their eyes some I hope you talk to someone hun impartial from your family a teacher a councillor someone who does understand hugs
I 100% agree about family not understanding....and thinking it will go away or this is "just a phase".

Won't they be sad / surprised when they finally find me "gone".

Oh, well.

Family and Religion are the 2 number reasons for suicide....the third is the
Economy in the USA because of the greedy Bankers and Congress-Critters.

I hope one day, all of us here find Peace in where we are meant to be....either here (on Earth).....or somewhere we have yet to know about.


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Its tough when people don't understand you, or the realities of depression, I can relate.
I've had the just get a job and everything will be ok lecture. If people haven't experienced it personally then they tend not to get it.

I'm sorry to hear of your difficulties, hope they improve.
I completely understand my dad felt my sister was a burden to him when she had many mental problems in the past. She went through a lot and my dad was just fed up with her. He was nicer to me thinking I was the good child. But he had no idea I was suffering till one day I asked for a therapist from then even now, I feel a annoyed angry vibe from my father. As for my mom she doesn't understand even more than my dad she's even more ignorant.

All she says is I need Jesus. It just really bothers me they can't comprehend our feelings and make them want us to move on so that were are not a burden to them. Well that's how I feel.

Even with friends, they tell me, "Oh just come to school its not that bad stop over exaggerating!" Like, um no shut up. I just keep my mouth shut. I don't want to have to explain myself to people when they act so obnoxious.
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