why ego??

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  1. bubblin girl

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    why everybody have ego??why everybody hate me??why i shouldnt depend on anybody??why nowbody there to protect me??like me??why iam a mistake??why im worthless??why everytime i want to pick up my prozac everybody start changing thier way to take with me??and start being veryyyyyyyyy rude??im so imparessed...i cant look to anybody!!im so tired and confused!!there is no any psycologist or psyciatric doctor, nor occupatient therapy people or soical worker can help!!nobody want to help??nobody is there for anybody?? the ego blind evcerybody, no parants nor friend would like me! im hopless!!worthless!! im just full of flaws :( the problem is not in the people, its me who is fualt :'(
  2. KimKim

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    you have been to psycologist? and he didn´t help you? man, that sucks...i tried a therapie but it didn´t help...i helped myself.
    and i don´t wanna terrorize you but i also got a HUDGE ego...sometimes it makes you feel kind of discusting.
    I feel mean...always criticize others and pull them down...you know...
    at least you can be sure you´re a better person than i am ^^