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Why fall?

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Why would I fall in love with a woman who apparently wont ever feel it back? What am I supposed to learn from that? I have never felt this way, not once in 30 years of dating. I have went thru my fair share of heartache, but I really thought it was real this time. I have also made my mind up to stop looking for the real thing. If this woman isn't the one I've been searching for - I won't be able to handle the real thing. I simply can't go on like this. I don't want anyone else, she doesn't want me and I can't live without love but I have failed. I truly wish I was capable of suicide, I just don't want to exist anymore - but I digress. The real question here is why would we feel so strongly over someone, have such a connection - for no real reason? What is unrequitted love and life shattering heartache supposed to teach us? All it has taught me is to never allow for a chance of it happening again........


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you cant choose who will fall back in love with you, just because you loved her, does not compel her to return your feelings...thats just the way it works. its not always easy, but its life. i dunno, maybe you came across as needy and put her off...you dont search for "the one" its not a hunt. you could be stood next to her in shop, work, pub or club, bus stop...but if you come over as a bit of a stalker "hunting for the one" you will give off the wrong vibes. relax, and maybe you will find the one sooner than you think :hug:
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