Why Help Anyone?

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    I sometimes wonder why I help anyone at all.. Seems most people I help basically slap me in the face for helping them..

    Helped a friend of a friend move in, made some mac and cheese, and I'm blamed for ruining their pan and stealing things I didn't even touch.. When we had bought them food also from the grocery store..

    I've homed groups of people and end up getting threatened because I can't let them stay..

    I turned in money yesterday to a store after I had found it on the ground, and went back today to ask if anyone had claimed it and the manager wasn't even notified any money had been brought in..

    So I'm feeling like shit.. I don't know why it's in my nature to really give a crap about anyone.. But I can't help it.. I sometimes wonder why I can't just be mean sometimes.. Why I always have to do things right.. Seems so stupid.. cuz for all I or anyone who does good, we are slapped in the face! Yet, bad actions are ignored.. and some are even embraced.. Such as lying ur way into a fucking job..

    I'm really getting tired of people being such dicks.. Pardon my language, but I am!!
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    Society is confusing. When you're nice you get walked all over. However when you're mean nobody wants anything to do with you. You can't please everybody. Sure you run into those that're unappreciative but that doesn't mean you have to change your kind act of nature. Sometimes you'll run into someone that considers your kind acts the world to them. I know its aggravating running into so many unappreciative crowds first but it wont always be like that. Don't let a few bad apples get you to down. The world needs more people like you & you make a difference. :hug:
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    Sorry.. I'm just getting tired of it.. I want to help ppl.. I want to be known for helping people.. not for being a backstabbing liar.. I want to make a difference in this fucking world.. It saddens me.. to see so much pain.. I wish I could change all this fucking shit..

    I go to my therapy sessions and all I can mange to talk about anymore is all the fucking shit in society.. I HATE IT!!

    All this shit is what is making me depressed.. Seeing so many people be fucking dick heads to each other.. How all this money spent on college and for what reason? You get a degree, owe money all ur life, and may not even find a job in the fucking field u went into!!

    Society is really fucked up.. I think ppl need to pull their heads out of their arses and see all the shit and damage they do to each other..

    I'm sick of all the bull shit.. seriously.. I don't know to cry or punch someone in the face!
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    Sending big hugs to both of you: :hugtackles: :hugtackles:
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    yea humanity is a pretty big horseshit upon the face of this earth. I don't like to mingle with others much. Only reason I go out is to get more crap from the shops. Maybe a walk somewhere. But to try and stay away from people as much as I can. People get caught up in their little lives and how excited they think they are.

    Sometimes I think some people have a bit to much 'happiness' going on.

    :hug: can only hope the stupid pathetic people die horribly :)
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    I know how you feel. Society is a bitch & I honestly have no interest in taking part in it. A reason why I barely get out nor talk to anyone hardly unless they're online. I see how beautiful & peaceful nature can be on this Earth. Pisses me off so bad to see what man kind has done to it by creating a harsh society. :grr:
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    Yeah.. therapist told me to get a job.. go to college.. But I keep saying.. why work for a society I don't agree with? Anyway... I have to work to live in this stupid society.. Finally start my job training the 20th.. But yeah.. *sigh*
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    Thats exactly what I use to say to my counselor when I was in school.