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Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by Steve-o, Jul 5, 2008.

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  1. Steve-o

    Steve-o New Member

    well, i read that talking about your problems can be a way of treating the symptoms, so ill try, i know my problems arent as bad as others but i still want to tell...

    i am 17 years old, live in england, passed through secondary school... up from ages 12 to 14 i wasnt really a social person, go to the park and play football every now and again but not anything significant, i started going out with a group of people which was fun etc, drink party all that, but i found myself telling crap loads of lies just so i would fit in, after about a year of going out with them i had a disagreement with one of the people in the group, and because he is such a c*nt, he got everyone else to not call me and to avoid me, eventually i just came to the conclusion that they werent really my friends if they didnt care for me, so i just left it be and tried to forget about it, i finished secondary school and got into college, but i had virtually NO social life for the 8+/- weeks i was away from education, just sitting at home on my computer wasting away, eventually started college and i found that i had lost pretty much all of my social skills... i muttered if anyone said hi to me, i couldnt sustain a conversation longer than 1 minute, i went back to an old habit and started lieing again, not big lies just things that i thought would bring up conversation, it kinda did didnt really get me anywhere, i thought that once i start going college i would make friends... go out with them on weekends and just do what teenagers do, and i kinda thought everyone would be thinking the same as me, i realized that everyone already had friends from previous times (old school, work etc) and didnt really seem up for socialising with me, i really wanted to go out and have fun but i just couldnt ask someone (hey, you wanna go out for a beer?) its something that stuck in my head... i think that asking this would make me look like a social misfit and i cant admit that i dont have any friends, so ive just left it, done a year at college and still NO socialising outside college times, still spending every waking minute playing stupid online games at home, i started working 1 month ago at a supermarket and its quite fun, but the people there already have friends from college and whatever, so i am fased with the same dilemma, i have tried to cut down on the lieing to not bury myself in an already deep hole, i really want to go out, meet girls and do fun stuff but dont have anyone to go with....

    by the way this isnt a suicide thing, i just feel down every time i think "wow, ive been on my computer for the past 15 hours". i think at the rate im going im just gonna end up becoming a serial killer or something lol, no only joking but i will end up somewhere which i dont want to be, living in a council flat addicted to heroin and living off of miniscule benefits...

    i just wanted to speak my mind and i came across this forum and i think there might actually be people here who understand whats its like to be in this situation...

    thanks for reading and i hope to hear from people soon!
  2. ItThing

    ItThing Well-Known Member

    I hang out a little, but I used to have less friends. From my experience you can't be afraid at all. If you're bold enough and just act like yourself there will always be people who want to talk to you. I think every school has some people with less friends or no friends, so you have to try to talk to people - at the risk of a little embarressment, to see if they're someone you can have fun with. By the end of college you'll probably have more friends because you'll know everyone better. Good luck :)
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