Why I hate 90% of the people in my school

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    Today we had a talk in school about anorexia. When it was about to finish they showed us this short animation that was showing how teens are being manipulated and corrupted by the world. So it was like a soccer game, the world was represented by a group of aliens. It showed how the teens were distracted from the game, first by a girl and a guy who went to have unsafe sex and the girl got pregnant, guys who got too drunk to play, then a really skinny girl who was throwing up in the field instead of playing and finally, the one I found more offensive, a guy who hung himself in the goal box during the game and ended up in hell.
    So yeah, the animation showed the problems teens have but it showed it more like some kind of joke, like teens who suffer from anorexia or commit suicide or even those who have an addiction problem happen to be in that situation because they're stupid and away from God, not because they may be sick or hurt. In the part where the guy hangs himself, he was looking at a picture of a girl and said "she doesn't love me and my parents don't love me either so whatever". They literally showed it like teens who kill themselves do it because they overreact to any stupid thing that happen in their lives. I wanted to cry and kill everyone because everyone seemed to find the whole thing funny. Showing the anorexic girl not as a sick but as a stupid person, just like the suicidal guy. I feel so offended because it pisses me off that they're reinforcing even more the idea that people, specially young people, with a mental ill aren't sick, they're only stupid.
    I hated almost everyone in my school this much before, when we had a talk about bullying and while listening to other's storied of bullying, including amanda todd's and some kids from my school's, they thought it wasn't a big deal at all and some of them even laughed while the people were talking and crying as they told their bullying stories.
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    That video should be taken around back, and shot.
    This is a common problem unfortunately. People simply don't understand the true hardships of mental health.

    I wish it got easier. As you age, people will hopefully be more understanding. If you find people being alienating, frankly tell them to suck a lemon.

    Sometimes the hardest part seems to be getting treated like you're different. Or people ditching you, to avoid helping.

    Please refrain from murder, prison sucks.
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    What country is this in that you are at? In the U.S., if they showed something like that in school, the teacher's and school officials would be up on criminal charges.
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    Agree with Lorax re what should be done to that video.

    What they are teaching and allowing is ignorant. You know that. And it understandably makes you very angry and upset. I wish there was some kind of a club at school that people like you could join. People who dont want to laugh at other people's pain. People who have substance. Do you want to voice your thoughts to a guidence counseller? Maybe you could actually get through to one of them. And wake someone up to the ignorance that school staff is creating and perpetuating.

    I am glad you have a good conscience. But it does separate you from the pack. Hopefully you will find other people with a good conscience.
    Here is a link to a video I posted in another area of the forum. Its a link to a youtube video of a TED talk a young man gave. He talks about alienation of people who have mental illness, in his case depression. he talks about the pain being so bad he wants to sui. And he is not weak or stupid. The guy who talks is very cewl. And he is articulate in what he says.
    you will find the youtube link on that page. You might even want to share the youtube link with one of the adults at the school. Maybe they can learn a thing or two.
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    Thanks and I don't know. I'd be worried about talking to my school counselor who's not better than the teachers when it comes to that, to be honest since she's the one who organized the talk. I just hope I can switch schools, that school is way too religious to understand anything of the things I believe. Their point of views are just so... i don't know, I've met religious people who don't think like that at all. If they ever talk about cutting or something like that (like a joke animation, like most of jokes about emos I've seen) I would go talk to the principal about it because it'd be too much.
    Thanks about the link, I really like TED talks c:
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    I really hope you can change schools. You are way too wise for that school you are in !!! Seriously