why i want to die so much!!!

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by seeking happiness, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. Well my story begins when i failed my 4th grade. i used to go to the best school in my country, where the rich people put their children to study. my parents changed my school, and from that moment i was criticized and treated as a school failure. i have now a master in comparative history of religions and i teach history. but i have a very low self esteem. i met a guy and loved him so much. sunday is my marriage, but i just knew that he is a bisexual. im very depressed, and im ready to swallow all my pills (150). i dnt want to live anymore, i need so much to end this pain. what should i do? plz i lost my mind
  2. First survive and pull yourself together and continue to seek help and advice i'm sure others could help you better than I.
  3. Bostonensis

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    why i want to die so much!!!

    Is it possible that maybe you are seeking happiness too much?

    Before you swallow your pills ,think about the other human that is in a part of this. YOU.Stated that he is bisexual, what does it got to do with you being suicidal. It is a responsibility that you tell him /her what is in your head. When a person loves another human in my " book of Palms" said, Respect,Honor my Dignity. Whatever you do to yourself ,you do to others. If you lie to yourself you lie to others. Not telling,not knowing & lying are all the same. No Honor, No Respect is equal to humiliation. We can only give what we have . Getting married & the continuation of not knowing + not telling + lying is a humiliation to Our Dignity. This is the least & the greatest you can give . Give them to your self. And to the best of my knowledge Happiness is within those three words. RESPECT,HONOR ,MY DIGNITY.
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    First I want to say...Don't swallow any pills or try any other manner of self harm in any way. Am I to understand that you just got married on Sunday? And you said that you always knew he was bisexual. Did he recently admit to it or what? If this is something that you have known about for sometime prior to the marrriage, why is it an issue now? I would like to talk to you about what is going on. Regardless of his sexual relations in the past he has made a commitment to you through marriage so you should probably give it a chance. Most people have baggage, but baggage can be unpacked.
  5. i never knew that he was bisexual before. i knew it by chance 1 week ago, when his ex bf came and told me everything about their secret relation. im not seeking happiness 2 much either, i just want 2 live normal circumstances during my life.
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    Aaaalright ^^ *rubs his hands together swiftly* uh... Yes I do beleive he should have meantioned to you earlier on that he was indeed bisexual, and acquire an understanding between both of you. Yes i see why you are upset, but i can't say i see your point of veiw, thats for you to decide. What i see is you are upset to utmost levels because a severe dishonesty was placed on you. But, aybe your doing the same thing to him, by not tking the time to sit him down, and talk about this situation rationally. Stay calm with him, dont seem tense, just seem yourself, and address the situation, leaving the pill bottle to work its "magic" on some other poor individual who can't seem to get a grasp on life. I'll tell you one thing, you have it better then most of these suicidal pplz, you have someone willing to spend their life with you, even if they did make the choice earier on in life to date both members of the sexual inheritence. Who knows, maybe if you sat him down to talk with him, about not only that but random things, maybe you'll learn more about him, and maybe he'll learn more about you. and who know's maybe he quit being bi, just for you. ^.^
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    do what you gotta do but if he's gay you have known it for a while and should not go through with this.
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