Why I wish I was a GIRL

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  1. Roads

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    I just want to say, I feel like I'm a good looking guy, I'm in great shape, smart, friendly, educated, intelligent, well mannered and well dressed. I pour my soul into the music I write and play guitar in a fucking rock band. And with all these qualities, no matter how I try, I cannot get a girlfriend

    This has lead me to do a little social analyzing, and it really amazes me the amount of overall "Life power" that females possess in American society.

    1. Women have sexual power.
    - Any semi attractive women can get sex when they want it.
    -Women have seductive powers that(unless you're Brad Pitt), men don't generally have. They can use that power to step up the ladder in any medium of life, whether it be their social life, the workplace, or just to satisfy their own sexual desires.
    a. if men want that power, they need some kind of major social status(CEO, movie star, wealth, etc)
    -Ladies dont believe me? Go advertise for sex on craigslist and watch your email fill up. Men cant do that.

    2. Women have emotional power.
    - This is something I truly envy. Society allows women to express their emotions in any way they want to. Men cannot always do this thanks to the "boys dont cry" masculine bullshit our 'culture' shoves done males' throats.
    - Women can have deep emotional relationships with their friends. Women can cry on each others shoulders, and cuddle and give eachother hugs and mutual support. Women can confide sensitive and personal things in eachother. Because of how society has engineered their gender, men cant really do this.

    3. Women have social power.
    - If a woman is sad or lonely, its a shame, and she can reach out and receive the comfort and attention from society and people around her
    - If a man is sad and lonely, hes a pussy, a loser, a freak, a weirdo, and an anti-social, no game dumb ass. If he shows people the lonely side of himself, many times he will be rejected and stigmatized in a negative way, and further pushed away from the community he needs to survive.

    I'm sure someone will bring up employment inequality and sexism, but quite frankly, I don't believe either of those things are very prevalent in modern American/European culture any more.

    Maybe if I kill myself I'll be reincarnated as a chick, what do you guys think?
  2. LSD

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    i hate the typical girl/guy steoretype
    just cuz "i'm a girl"
    doesn't mean i "HAVE" to follow the social standars that the world wants
    .. you say its easy
    but you have no idea how many -- old fags try to touch you when you are walking around many people..
    they stare at your boobs even they are small
    they only talk about how good sex might be with you.. and imagine you ALWAYS without clothes
    ..you are a girl..so you are weak..so you cant' do anything that requires effort
    they abuse you at any form..
    you are aLWAYS looked at in a sexual way..calling you names is not nice

    and yeah i hate when someone reffers to another man as "pussy or whatever" when they show feeligns or "a brain" not all have a brain and feelings
    so please don't let the sociaty change you that way

    being a guy or a girl..doesnt mean anything
    -- its the same thing
    just one have penis and the other a vagina
    then we are all the same
    idk why we msut have so much "social" differences
  3. Roads

    Roads Active Member


    I'm glad you said that. I suppose I don't know what its like to be the object of sexual attraction on a constant basis.

    But do YOU know what its like to NOT be the object of attraction for ANY-SINGLE-PERSON-EVER. I know what thats like, and I'd sure as hell rather have some weirdos checking me out and sexually harassing me, than to have no single person interested in me in a sexual way for the ENTIRETY of my life.

    You don't realize what power you possess. They might be talking down to you, and sexually objectifying you, but you hold the cards, you HAVE that power over them, a power that most men will never experience.
  4. LSD

    LSD Well-Known Member

    trust me.. many of them they think they "have the power over woman"
    they think cuz you are weak.. and "stupid" and only " a sexual object" they can use you as the way they feel
    .. makes me feel dirty
    -- like today..even the fucking security in the bookstore were saying dirty things.. they thought it was "quiet" but damn.. im stupid.. not deaf..
    i heard it all--
    and i'm not even damn pretty!

    and yeah you say "ANY-SINGLE-PERSON-EVER"
    .. are you sure of that?
    can you read EVERYBODYS mind?
    - is not like all the peps that feel that way.. with you will tell you-

    the world is biiig kiddy
    i've learn..that there is always someone that.. might like you.--always
    i know.. cuz i'm not pretty-- neither interesting..but sometimes i find a loser who falls for me :p weird but happens

    so don't say things like that
    there are girls..that aren't atractive either..
    as there are boys who are atractive
    it has nothing to do with have a vagina or not..
  5. Lead Savior

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    While I agree with what most of what Roads said with regard to relationship dynamics, I'd still rather be a guy.

    - I can walk outside and go about my business right after waking up due to the more lax requirements men have in the fashion/being "done up" department

    - I can pee almost anywhere, anytime

    - Don't have to deal with regular menstruation

    - Rewarding as it may be, I don't have to bear children

    - Don't have to deal with massive pressures to fit into a tiny box of what is considered attractive

    - Can be sexually promiscuous without being seen in a negative light (indeed, it is seen in a positive light on this side of the gender fence)

    Fe/male double standards have historically worked in the favor of men, not that I agree with or even find them reasonable.

    All of that shit aside, I very clearly see why you would rather be a woman.
  6. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest

    and have their sexuality be controlled by rapists, sexual predators, men and women alike who are fearful of that power and want it diminished and controlled

    and be called and treated as a whore, a slut, a subhuman for having more than one sexual partner by men and women alike.

    women having sex doesn't mean their 'sexual desires' are being satisfied. you talk as if men are just falling around pleasing women in bed and know about women's sexuality :laugh:

    do you really think if a woman advertised for sex, those men would be pleasing HER or would it be the other way round. think for a minute would you? YOUR sexuality isn't a womans. you know nothing of being a woman in this world.

    except in many unacceptable ways which would make others attack her for being 'selfish.' or is promiscuous, in a sexual way, on their own terms. see above.

    or what if they didn't want to cuddle and hug and wanted to scream and say i don't want to do those things? it's a trap.

    a woman's purpose throughout history has been subordinate to men and women who think in a certain acceptable framework.

    women not only have deep emotional relationships they can tear each other apart and be extremely fucking ABUSIVE when let's say one woman refuses to be what the other women wants.

    you can do that if you stepped outside and found other people who would allow you to do that. they are out there you know. you have the initiative to try and break the chains that bind you if you wanted.

    if a woman is sad and lonely and is a working a 12 hour shift 7 days a week, and has no friends, an abusive husband there is no fucking help anywhere.

    if this 'community' in which you live is stifling you so much then why not leave? you'd find it a breath of fresh air i think to step outside and discover that women aren't sex objects for men and aren't there to mother you after all!!! :eek:hmy:

    p.s your american/european culture isn't shared by all.

    good luck with yourself.
  7. famous.last.words

    famous.last.words Forum Buddy

    wow...i was going to reply to this thread but i agree with every word in your post. said perfectly, completely agree.
  8. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    I wish I were a girl too. A really pretty one.
  9. Fishman

    Fishman Guest

    fromthatshow has a nice avatar...and no matter how 'hopeless or ugly' you are unless your the elephant women you can always get the attention of guys. Women are also expert deceivers, whiners and naggers. :laugh:
  10. Roads

    Roads Active Member

    You point out everything I envy about women.

    I'd rather be attacked for my sexuality than to have no sexuality at all.

    I'd rather be a female whore and a slut, than a man who can't ever get any.

    I'd rather be a girl and able to have sex and not be completely satisfied with it, than to not have sex at all.

    I'd rather be a girl torn apart and abused by her friends than to be a man and have no friends at all.

    And yes, you're correct, I have the initiative to try break the chains that bind me, but try I might, it never happens.

    I can't just leave my community, I have no money, cant find a job thanks to the shitty job market, and I cant leave college, so its an impossibility. I know that women aren't sex objects, and its a little presumptuous for you to think that.

    I'd still rather be a girl, no matter what you want to throw at me.
  11. BioHomocide

    BioHomocide Well-Known Member

    I wish I had the feelings girls have but in a boys body.

    I want the feelings and emotions females have but in the body of a male.
    I want to care and be nurturing while still being strong enough to protect what needs to be protected.

    Right now I am a guy but I don't care about anything.
  12. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Nothing is impossible. :biggrin:
  13. ggg456

    ggg456 Guest


    I'm not saying move out.I'm saying think out
  14. Puzzled

    Puzzled Member

    get out of my head!!!!!!!!!

    I completely agree, women can much more easily get emotional help from friends or family, and when they show their emotions, they get sympathy, I remember the last time I cried in front of my parents they didn't try to make me feel better at all, they just couldn't believe I was showing my emotions.... if my sister pulled the same shit my parents would have been helping her out non-stop.

    Nothing against women though, I believe they don't know they hold this power, the ones that do and take advantage of it bother me, but I think thats a very low majority.

    But still, masculinity holds its own distinct advantages, if memory serves men still hold a lot of the world's power, but I have a feeling that won't last long, I'm not chauvinistic, I just feel women have always held the emotional power, if they are to gain equal power in other fields, it isn't a question, the woman will be dominant, no matter if we call it equality or not. Doesn't mean I don't hope they get that power either.

    Your not alone man, I've wished I was a woman before, and I'm 100% hetero, never once thought of it in a sexual way, its just a lust for that power they can cripple anyone with if they either use it, or let it run wild.
  15. Testify

    Testify Well-Known Member

    I wish people would drop this silly notion of gender.
    I'm a person, pure and simple.
  16. Pentacle

    Pentacle Well-Known Member

    Either, or.

    Both genders have their pro's and con's.

    Women can be too sensitive, and too weak sometimes. We aren't perfect, no one is. I just wish you could feel comfortable in your own skin. Read a womans magazine, I recommend them... They can help you, even if you aren't female. Don't look at the generic view of a woman, the celebrity style... We are us, you are you. That is it in the end.
  17. Roads

    Roads Active Member

    Thanks Puzzled, I'm glad to know there are other men out there who know to be true what I'm trying to say!
  18. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni

    Need a new broom, maybe?
    Because your sweeping generalizations are tedious.

    What you call "sexual power" has gained several nothing but sexual violation and assault. What you call "emotional power" has brought some but an environment that continually reinforces their helplessness and feeds on it, turning it into emotional problems. What you call "social power" has given some girls nothing but a lifetime of social issues ...enhanced by her inability to deal with relationships as a result of the sexual abuse that occurred in her earlier years when her emotions or, otherwise, vulnerabilities were taken easy and violently advantage of considering sexual dimorphism's role in making her smaller than the average human male.

    Regardless of gender, everyone has their fair share of crap with which they must deal.

    Maybe you prefer being continually harrassed to being lonely, but that doesn't mean women (or men, or anyone) have it any easier.

    Whatever; "let it all out," if you want. The rest aside, I really hope you find whatever it is for which you search.
  19. Puzzled

    Puzzled Member

    That's what I'd like, everyone gets the same amount of shit, but of course its all different. There is nothing you can do about loneliness that provides an indefinite solution, it doesn't leave lasting pain like harassment does, but harassment is tangibly preventable. Loneliness is intangibly preventable, but it doesn't last. Whats funny is each side has the way to solve the other side's issues, but cannot see how to solve their own. So is the way of all groups.
  20. The_Discarded

    The_Discarded Staff Alumni