Why I'm annoyed with general health services...

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    Argh. Rather annoyed at the moment.

    After last phlebotomy (26th Sept) - ferritin was 52.

    Blood test 5 weeks later - it was 72. (31st Oct)

    I saw GI consultant on 13th Dec, and had a blood test done - but guess what wasn't tested for? The ferritin that is my marker point to know if I need another pint taken from me.

    That coupled with the pillar to post aspect of having to dial 3 different numbers (pathology/my GP/consultant secretary) to try and get anywhere near the results - to then be told I couldn't be given the results out over the phone - even though I'm the patient calling up on behalf of.. well.. myself - has just put me into a mood of frustration.

    3 different numbers? And not given any form of results? Even though I'm calling up about me? Gah - I'm feeling the effects of my ferritin level rebuilding so am more "tired" and "irritable" again.. :/

    And the only reason it was seemingly a small jump in those first 5 weeks - I have been primarily limiting the red meat/alcohol consumption - with the occasional bit now and again. Had more in the last 2 months than them 5 weeks that's for sure - so I'd be hazarding a guess that I'm now up to 110-130, and could do with another draw :/ Probably better pushing for a blood test early on into the new year.
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    Hi, I do not know what your specific condition is. But of course it is frustrating when you know you need help. and the doctors office is making it harder for you. I hope you can get an apt to go in and discuss it with him or her. Really sorry you are having health challenges.