Why is everything so wrong???

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  1. Why is everything I do so wrong? I can't say do, say, be anything that is right and good. People don't know how I work overtime to get them to like me. Then when they like me, I think it's insincere....just them feeling sorry for me. Why am I here? Why can't I connect? I want love, I want someone to love me and not change their mind about me. Why do the people I'm with Tell me what I want to hear and get me feeling secure and then take it all away? I know I'm not special, beautiful, sexy, smart, nice, funny, or any of those things that make it so easy for others, but why do I have to suffer so much? Why can't it be easy? Why can't it get easier? Why can't I be one of those women that men flock to? I don't belong on this earth, I don't fit in. Life is for sting winners, I'm a weak loser. The universe toys with me. I just want what I want...other people get it. Why can't I?
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    Welcome to the forum. Please do not be hard on yourself as your life is important. Do not judge yourself from your past relationships. Relationships are hard but do not doubt yourself. One day you will find love. You are among people who help you get through this tough time. Please PM me if you want to talk to me in private. You are important.... PLEASE DO NOT ACT ON YOUR FEELINGS.
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    Are you talking about like in your every day life when you're out going about your business why men don't flock to you, or just in general? Because in day-to-day life, from my experiences at least, most men usually don't do that kind of thing, unless you're at a place where people approaching other people is a common thing, like a party or a bar or something. But if you're like at college or work or a supermarket, most people just don't do that kind of thing, because they, too, are there to go about their own business, not look for romantic partners. That's not to say it never happens, it has occasionally to me, but for the most part I didn't bother looking for anybody that way. Granted, I ended up meeting my husband at an NA meeting, which technically isn't designed for that purpose, but we knew the same group of people at the meetings, and since we had the same issues and could relate to each other, we just clicked. Before I met my husband, however, I would often make dating profiles online and try to find relationships that way. Online, as soon as you finish making your profile and put a picture up, doesn't matter who you are or even what you look like for the most part, as long as you're a woman, you'll get a shitton of messages from men wanting to date you. That's how it is for all women on dating sites, which I've seen firsthand. Though, that's not to say all the potential suitors are adequate, or even decent for that matter. But eventually you would probably find someone who is. I was never into the whole meeting people in real life thing because I never really went to the sorts of places that people meet other people at, not to mention I also had a slew of mental health problems and low self-esteem, which made it even more difficult. But just because you may not think you're attractive, doesn't mean other people don't and maybe you're just not looking in the right places.