why is it always about sex!!!

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  1. diamond2

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    do i have this thing where i turn all guys inta sex monsters!!!!????????????

    seriously all ma bf seems ta care about is sexual stuff.......he broke my shower almost kicked my door dwn n nw i gt cuts on ma hand frm his beer bottle and bruises on ma chest frm him so im upset nw ive already hurt my leg so basically my whole body hurts yet he wants sex
    im randomly upset n get cryin spells bt just cause were with friends n i make jokes he thinks he can come up to mine to get something then what bog of!!?? ye cause thats always the way to make some1 feel good about them selves especially when you cant look at them without sayin eventually thats disgusting!!! if i didnt have breasts hed proberly fukin leave me tbh

    even wen i was at ma ex-foster persons place her 20 year old son tried it on me... meant to be a good guy yet he pervs on a 17 year old ............

    n ye sorry ta say this on the net bt i cheated on ma bf cause i had enough of him n just needed a break tbh (if u was with ma bf youd understand) decent guy used to listen to everything i had to say when i had to say it. shoulder to cry on some1 to hug when the world got cold we ended up gettin drunk n goin back to his ......now i asked to talk to him the other day cause after ma shower n ma hand etc i needed some1 ta tlk to.......soon as i say no ta sex he replies not enough time to talk

    what is wrong with guys that they start off nice then all of a sudden they remember they have a dick n act stupid i mean the other boy ddnt even know we were gonna do anything bt since we have he dnt even wanna no me...........nt even just a boy thing just a me thing n it pisses me of......................nt even in the bloody mood ta do anthing nw kmt
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    Wow you seem to be surrounded by foolish men, I am sorry.
    Sex should be something you agree to, but that chap would not chat without it?
    Can you make it clear to these folk that you are spoken for?
  3. diamond2

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    no hw wouldnt my friend sat with me n watched the messages n him get kinda aggressive ta me at after i kept sayin im not doin nothing n ye my bf gave me a 'promise ring' -kinda like an engagement ring bt with the boy i cheated with i got drunk... he knew bt we were both drunk.... he was like the gay best friend every girls after except he was obv straight bt ye since he got sex (i popped his cherry aparently too) he's just turned into a real dick head

    n as for ma bf he's nt tlkin ta me atm because i dont feel like doin anything........... guess i just attract that kind of blokes