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Why is it as soon as you feel like everything is straightened out something else comes up?

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I had received a warning about financial aid eligibility saying I made "unsatisfactory progress". And I have this semester to improve. I don't understand however, because I passed my classes fall semester. I don't know if it's because I had to drop two classes. I can't take anymore than two classes because of my job. I worry if I take four again I'll consider suicide and be forced to go back to the hospital again.


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It must be tough getting that letter, I'm not sure how the financial aid works where you're at. Have you given them a call to have them explain what is expected of you? I think health should always come before education so if you feel like you would be piling on too much to cope with then you may need to look at other options. Is there a guidance counciller you can speak to at your university?

Stay strong.


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Hi there,
You probably got your financial aid payment based on full time hours. When you dropped the two classes you went to part time status which reduced the funding they would have given you. So in essence, you passed your passes but not according to the money the government paid you to take them in the first place. Make any sense? Next time make sure you mark that you're taking part time hours and you should be fine with passing grades. Good luck.
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