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Why is it called mental ILLNESS

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When there is no cure. Cancer was first discovered in 1775 and the medical community started to work on causes and cures.
Mental illness was first discovered in 1100bc and yet there has been no major improvements to treatment or help in 919 years.
It has always been give us medicine or put us away.
When you hurt so bad for so long and try to get help or some relief and you keep trying and those that say they love you, even after you calmly tell them you hurt still continue the same patterns and they keep the pain going and you feel so alone and hurt and desperate and you can’t even breathe much less ask them to at least hold you so that maybe you can take breath and they just leave you feeling like you don’t matter
What are you supposed to do???????
I have no real friends been isolated from my family my adult children seem like they really don’t care.
What do you do????
Medication doesn’t help, therapy is only on their schedule not when you need it the most like at 6:30 pm while your hurting.
What you do????
Hope and pray that maybe it will get better but it only seems to get worse.
I suppose its a lot harder to find cures and treatments for mental illness because it's so individual and complex, I'm not a medical expert but like with physical illness generally it's the same symptoms for everyone, or near enough, whereas with mental illness the symptoms are more varied and effected by a lot more things, like people's individual histories and it's a whole complex mix of intertwined problems and causes and factors, there's no 'one size fits all', whereas physical illness is not as complex..... not belittling physical illness, but if that makes sense I hope.

anyway, I'm sorry you feel so awful. People here understand, you have caring people here if nowhere else *hug
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