Why is it so hard to be just "happy"?

Discussion in 'Mental Health Disorders' started by nicesinging1, Feb 8, 2008.

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  1. nicesinging1

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    I have been doing deep soul-searching lately to find the root causes of depression. Just to make my point clear, I don't get depressed about money or fame. Heck, I have never had a g/f, never dated, never even kissed a woman in my life at the age of 26. But that doesn't make me depressed.
    My depression is so severe that sometimes it attacks me out of nowhere and completely ruins my day. I have been battling my severe depression and trauma for 10 years utilizing everything including therapy and meds. Yet, I am still struggling.
    Some people say I should just snap out of depression, think everything positively and try to be happy as often as I could. I tried but the force of depression is holding me back from living happy life. I know there are many people in this world who love life, enjoy life, and can't wait to wake up each day to live life. I try to be like them by thinking positively but it is easier said than done.
    I don't ask for much. Just life that I can handle and manage. Good career, mild depression, stable emotions and obstacles I can handle, and happy feelings are what I want in life.
    Can anyone advise me on how I can improve my life to be able to live happy most of the time?
    Thanks for insights.

  2. eddizle

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    i know what you are going through mate, i tried being positive and sometimes it works. Firstly you have to understand that both depression and happiness are state of minds governed by how we think. Now the key and somehwat difficult part is learning how to control what and how we think and percieve situations.

    first advice i would give you is try look into the mirror and talk to yourself be kind and very loving to yourself when doing this, like you are talking to a scared little child, i know it sounds odd and strange but from that you will begin to accept yourself more and you will begin to rely on yourself for comfort. At one point i couldnt stand myself or my life, i couldnt even look myself in the mirror cause i felt that horrible, anyway at first looking at my own image in the mirror was terrible but i got used to it and started to accept myself more. Self acceptance is one of the key solutions to beating depession. When i began to accept myself more, my depression and saddness started to shift and i became a bit happier.

    Secondly just do you. Do what you like without fear or what someone else might think. If you like theatre then go, if you want to go for a walk then go. Dont let the world tell you what should make you happy or how you should be, no one in the world except you can make you happy or tell you what will make you happy. You just have to be you.

    I hope all this helps, it has helped me somewhat in my life
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