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Why is it so hard to go on?

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Everyday seems so dark.

Thinking about how hard it is just too pull through if everyday will be the same.

I've had problems with everything since I could remember.

Raped, abused both mentally and physically, bullied, abandonment, and more.

I've even done cutting and drugs, all it is a quick fix.

I've already tried suicide, but that failed.

Life sucks, I don't know where to even try.

I'm thinking of doing it again right now, I don't know what to do. I really thinking of doing it. =/

It feels like I'm drowning.

Sorry if I seem like Im just a fucking attention *****.

I just don't know. oh god. I hate myself for posting this.

total eclipse

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Hi please don't hate yourself i understand the need to get that pain and sadness out i hope you continue to post okay reach out so more here can help you. What i do when i am in that kind of pain i pick up phone and it takes me at least 5 tries but i call crisis line and talk to someone each time they help me release my pain in a safe way. Keep talking okay i hear you you can pm me any time i understand hugs


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You list so many different reasons why you feel suicidal and depressed, giving us a very brief summary of why you feel the way you do. Everything you've mentioned is something that's already happened, a past event from your life. So what is making you want to kill yourself right now? Is there something that triggered all these memories to come back?
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