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Why is Kelsey such a B****!?!?!?!

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Theres this girl at my school who wants to beat me up for no reason at all
she tried to the other day too!
she followed me onto the city bus today after school and all the way to my mom's work where i had to get police officers to stop her from following me [[ my mom works in the courthouse]]
what do you think i should do?
i effin need help!
Have u told anyone? i'm going through kinda the same thing and i know how it feels. some girls are just like that. coz they are sad and pathetic and they have nothing better to do. my mate told me to think to myself that im better than them stronger than them and brighter than them. and then to jus smile at them. ive been doing that and its beginning to help. maybe that will help you?
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