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Why Is Life So Unfair? *Possible Trigger*

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My Best Friend Has Just been in a car accident, she was just going down to the shops to get some DVD's for a Movie party a bunch of us were going to have tonight and was hit by some people having a Street race when she was going through traffic lights.
Shes in Intensive Care and there is not a Damn thing I can do about it.:sad:
I feel so useless.
Why Did this have to happen? :sad:
Why couldn't it have been me?
It should have been me!:cry: if We had just gone to the shops yesterday Like we were going to none of this would have happened :cry:
I feel like it is all my fault, and she is paying the price because I was 2 busy studying for exams to have gone down with her yesterday. FUCK The exams! it wasn't worth it was it, I would rather have failed my exams and end up as a Hobo under a bridge somewhere than see this happen. She means more to me than life itself, if i could take it back by killing myself, I'd Off myself in a heartbeat :cry:

I can't stand seeing her like this :cry:
Why Is Life So Unfair?
Shes Done nothing to Deserve this :sad:

Why? :cry:


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It's not about fair or unfair, shit just happens. Who's to say if you went yesterday that both of you wouldn't have got hit by a car?

It's no ones fault but the idiots street racing, please don't take on a heap of guilt for something you had nothing to do with and no control over.

Hope your friend recovers from this horrible accident. Will remember you in my prayers.


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I know You're Right Devastated, But Im Just Finding it so hard not to feel Guilty and totally Fucked up at the Moment, She is the Person who pretty much saved my life back when i was cutting and she has kept me on track these past years.

But I Will Try Harder!, Kathryn wouldn't want me to feel like this.
Thanks for the Support

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