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Why is maintaining a healthy lifestyle so difficult?


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Since the beginning of the year I lost about 4 stone though I've started putting a bit back on lately and my old bad eating habits are creeping back up on me. What I feel I need at this point is a healthy diet for life. I keep on asking my mother for help in this area because I'm so clueless when it comes to eating right. I've pretty much lived on sugar and fatty junk all my life and it's a wonder I managed to lose as much as I did. Heck, it's a wonder I haven't dropped dead from a heart attack. There has been a bit more variation in what I eat. Started adding a few proteins to my diet but I'd say it's still piss poor. But everytime I bring it up she never seems to want to help. She says it's "too much responsibilty" and she has other things to worry about. And I don't know where to start on my own. Everyone always has all these suggestions and it all sounds complicated as hell. I feel like I need someone to help me put together a concrete diet plan and say "Look, this is what you're having for breakfast, this is for lunch, this is for dinner" and on which days etc. etc. etc.

And everywhere I look online I just find conflicting reports. Annoying how absolutely everyone's an expert online and they're right and it's hard to know who to listen to.

But I'm 100% serious about living a healthier lifestyle. I didn't kill myself in the gym and lose all that weight just to put it back on afterwards. I want to feel and look better. I managed up until a certain point just by cutting a few calories and eliminating sweets, chocolate and crisps, and drinking more water but I want to go all the way now. It's just difficult knowing where to start and getting help and support from the family. You'd think they'd be up for something which could make everyone feel better and live longer etc. but nope! I'm just met with resistance and excuses!

I don't want to regain. I hate the way I look as it is without worrying about weight gain. At least when I'm healthy I actually look a little better and feel better about myself too. Now I know how I look and feel when healthier I really don't want to throw all that away again. I really want to feel better, less depressed etc.

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You just have to change your mindset hun know what foods are healthy fruit vegetables lean meats and no that 6 small meals are better then three big meals. Exercise is important as well Morning and evening You will find what works for you and your lifestyle hun

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