why? just why?

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    I don't understand why everytime I open my mouth or voice my opinion everyone blows up on me or tell me that I'm wrong. I never do that to other people and even if they are wrong I voice my opinion about it and they still classify me as wrong. Seen on Facebook everyone had a wonderful time on thanksgiving with their families while I'm stuck at home earing PBJ sandwiches and drinking water. Sometimes I wonder why am I here why did I get put in this position but deep deep down in my heart I believe there is a way to get out of this severe depression just don't know how. If there is anything anyone can say to get my confidence up or feelings right please say it because right now I'm really depressed angry jealous all kind of emotions going on and anything will help.
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    I am sorry that you are feeling that, I wonder why I am here as well at times so you are not alone I do not know why you are here or in the position that you are in.. There is a way to get out of your depression, have you talked to any others here? I too understand your feelings of anger and jealousy as well, I have been there, I am past that, There is hope here, I remember when I was in the hospital the anger I had, you can find ways of dealing with that and your jealousy as well, I do not know how much contact with others you have had in here. I have not been as active lately as I was so I have not seen or talked to you lately, but I will try and keep in touch with you if you want!, I see that you are not on right now but When you come back we will talk more, please be patient there is hope for you, I am sorry that you are not here!
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    Thank you so much for your response true Lee I'm stuck in the situation because my car got sold because my parents are going through a forclosure so they needed the money so now we have 1 vehicle and my dad works while me and my mom are at home everyday. She has severe depression also so we bump heads due to our own situations and I have brothers but they stay ways away. My sister I don't get along that well with my phone is off so I can't talk to anyone except WiFi yeah alot is going on I can go on and on. Anyways I'm sorry you ended up in the hospital are things better now? I haven't talked to anyone on this site yet I'm still new and shy so maybe your right I'll try and talk with people I'm pretty shy though. I sure hope I get this figured out because so far I heard we have a couple months until the forclosure goes through.