WHY just WHY?

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    Today is turned out to be a interesting day, I have been bucking for a promotion at work, really had my sites set that I would be the one to get the job, but fate turns out that I did not. A co-worker got it, I had decided a while ago that if it was between me and him I could not be horrible pissed off.
    I have been trying all day to convince him I am not pissed off at him, that he did not overstep himself applying for this and in the end management decided that he was the one they wanted. Now granted I think it should have been me (of course) but it pisses me off that he is telling me that how he might not take it since I did not get it etc etc etc.
    I had to tell a co-worker to tell him to chill out, it’s alright I am not coming after him, hell I congratulated him and told him good luck. Am I disappointed I did not get it sure, but I am not mad at you for trying to get a better position, I am not mad at you for applying you dumbass.
    I don’t understand people, I really don’t ARRRRRRRR