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why love

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why do people continue to think love of another can change lives

ive been in love yet still been suicidal, nothing changed for me

is it the hope that things will change?
Hollow, imagine yourself with nothing,
Totally nothing.
No clothes.
No computer.
No friends.
No family.
No food.
Nothing at all.

You will always have one thing my friend......Hope......... no one can take it away, only you.

As for love, well...............i have mixed opinions on this subject.
Love to me is the greatest medicine, it heals many wounds and scars.
It can also damage very easily.
What i am certain of is...........that you must love yourself first, only then can you expect others to do likewise.
Even if others do not come into your life...........surely that inner glow within is enough to keep going?

http://youtu.be/3YnfCH7LNcM someone on the forum gave me this, lyrics and pics just melt together.
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thank you for responding me myself and i

love the john denver link thank you

you say love is the greatest medicine and in someways i agree i was so happy and thoughts of her,our time together and the thought she is looking down on me and we will meet again that is my hope
how can you love yourself when the hate you have is directed solely at yourself and you cant get past the self hate?


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Love doesn't cure mental illness. Psychiatrists and/or orange glasses do. You can certainly be suicidal and in love simultaneously.

Love can give you an incentive to do so and an incentive to not off yourself.
Not easy that one Hollow.
Here is what i do, but believe me i still get it wrong a lot.
I look in the mirror everyday, i ask myself if i have been nice to myself and others, today i couldn't by the way.
I really do do this.
If i have messed up, i try to think about it and make the changes.
By making the changes.............. ONLY THEN CAN TRUE FORGIVENESS TO ONESELF OCCUR......... or if you will forgive the pun, its hollow words.
Although i continue to mess it up at times, least i have another day to try to get it right.
I dont know, but im guessing that the person in your signature is the loved lady.
Maybe you will see her again, if it was me, i sure would like her to see me content and with a liking for myself.
Sometimes true love is letting go, damn, its the hardest thing i have ever done.
But when you do, you set that person free......... and also yourself.
Its called holding the reigns of your own emotions and its the hardest thing known to mankind.
Rewards endless.
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for eight years c was telling me how nice i was and the self hate had passed yes,but i cant look at myself in the mirror everyday without seeing hate
i still mess up its true but thats the part of me, i want to mess up i dont want to move on and get over it
i know shed be kicking my butt by now telling me to let someone in


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If you mean love of the opposite sex then all I have to say is sex sex and mores sex. A person can love a rock. We can love an imaginary god in the sky. Just because love with the opposite sex is defined by sex and then by love does not mean anything to me. If you're not happy without somebody to f***, then you'll not be happy with it. If you need love, find a rock and love it.

I think the idea that a women needs a man or vice versa or that a gay man needs a gay man is just BS. We say that because we don't have a better answer but we're happy with a BS answer so we're left with that. It's mental laziness at its finest.

All we need is to love. Or to have a feeling that we're helping the world in some way. That's my best answer.

Sex is sugar is euphoria is drugs is addiction is you get it? You can't survive on those things.
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Yep, and screaming in your ears too, coz she loves you.
There comes a time when moving on has to occur, you punish yourself i know through sh, i sh in other less direct ways.
Has to stop, for both of us.
Its like a living bereavemant?
You are a wise and warm person Hollow, i have read countless posts to prove this.
Perhaps you need to open your ears to hear words a little more, move out of butt kicking range and lower sights a little, do not seek happiness, seek contentment.
If you seek it, it will occur, i promise you that.


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Oh, my heart aches for you.

I agree with M, M & I-you have to let it go, stop blaming yourself for things you had no control over. Im surprised and happy to see this thread from you. Happy because you are questioning it and wanting change, and sad because you still hold onto so much that wasnt yours (hope you know what I mean by that).

You have such a huge heart, and I know we have been talking almost every single day for the past 2 years, youve become a true friend to me that will listen, and hope the best for me without wanting anything in return. I wish and hope for you all the best in life, if you would just open yourself up to it, and let it in, cause you deserve it.

Now to your question, I think you need love, if not from a SO then from friends, animals something that shows you that your loved and wanted. Without feeling wanted, then you feel empty and alone in this world. I know what you your thinking, your saying I dont have that, but you do-just think about it.

And you have to stop the self hate (me to) because hate is a more powerful emotion than love to me, when you hate its hard to let the love in.

And I to agree that she would be kicking your butt if she could, Im sure shes yelling at you right now!!!


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im sorry just cant go on today

the tears are flowing maybe thats a good thing xx
Yes, letting the tears out is good. I wish you could let it all out, you would feel so much better.

Today is just another day, if the sun is still shining you have time for a walk, get out of the house, Ill wait and we talk when you get back.
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