why me ?? (possibly triggering)

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    everything was settling down, apart from the rollercoaster of emotions ive experienced lately i believed i was starting to calm down a little and accept things that have happened. until the end of last week, theres a couple of people im closest to already know but i found a lump. i went to my gp and was booked in for a mammogram yesterday (thursday). ive had it done and will get the results on wednesday next week, with the possibility of a biopsy to follow. gp reckons its a cyst or blocked duct. cant help worrying though and think 'why me ?'
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    :hug: Hope everything turns out OK!
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    It's going to be ok, and I'm confident that you can pull through whatever is it. I've had type 1 diabetes for 12 years, and you'll find your stronger than you thought when you have to fight something everyday.

    And, I love Evanscence too!!!
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    Good Luck.

    Hope your ok. :thumbup:
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    oh man, Evanscence :love: