why me what did i do *poss trigger

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    why me what did i do
    i was young
    i knew it was wrong
    but i still let it happen
    why me what did i do
    i was young again
    i said no
    but i didnt scream
    why me what did i do
    they left me
    they knew i needed them
    but didnt care
    why me what did i do
    the pain cant be seen
    i hide away where i feel safe
    noone can hurt me
    i wont let them anymore
    why me what did i do
    i sit and i cry
    my head races
    my heart beats
    i take the blade
    then calmness
    i stop crying
    just feel this pain
    that can now be seen
    why me what did i do
    the temporary relief has gone
    its started again
    i take the bottle
    every mouthful brings euphoria
    i stop thinking
    i have peace
    why me what did i do
    mornings broken the sunlight burns my eyes
    people laugh outside
    its me they are laughing at me
    the friendless nobody
    why me what did i do

    my heads been racing all night.im no good at writin poems.this has kinda taken th form of 1.jus wantd 2 get this out of my head and in writin i guess :sad:
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    :sad: Here if you want to talk. :hug:
  3. Petal

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    :hug: mandy!
  4. mandyj101

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    thanks 4 replyin .. wish i could show this 2 my brother n try n make him understand.. but i cant .. never will be able 2..
    sigh .. somethings are meant 2 be kept 2 urself i guess.. :sad:
  5. gentlelady

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    You had the courage to write it out here. maybe someday you can show your brother. :hug:
  6. total eclipse

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    you didn't do anything you were innocent and they had no right Keep writing get it out of your head that is what i do I know the wall you built is very high to keep the pain out. I hope the people here can help take some of that pain away