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Why Me?

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by FUBARM, Dec 6, 2012.


    FUBARM Member

    Today I have lost it like never before, the smallest thing just sent me into an absolute rage, the kind of rage that makes you want to rip someone apart limb from limb and smile whilst you are doing it... the telephone (I was on the phone to a 'Customer Service' Dept) is now firmly embedded in the wall of my office and I have no desire to remove it and see if it works still though it will need a new lead as the one that was attached to the socket on the wall is now somewhat shorter.

    I am so damn fed up with people... mainly everyday people doing a job they are either not qualified to do or have no interest in or are badly trained or simply thick, stupid and ignorant and have no idea that when you put the words 'Customer Service Advisor' on someones job title, ffs, tell them what the friggin words mean and what their friggin job actually entails.... I will tell you what it does NOT entail.

    1. Do not give me an 0845 number then give me a zillion options to choose from when NONE of the options given are relevant to my call - what fucking happened to receptionists that took your call and then diverted you to the right person/dept?
    2. Do not ask me upteen personal questions then tell my you need to take me through 'Data Protection' Security and then ask me questions any twat with 5 minutes free and a computer could find out about me in that time!
    3. Do not ask me for an account number when I have told you 3 times that I do not have an account with your company anymore, I cancelled it 2yrs ago so stop fucking sending me letters asking why I cancelled my Direct Debit.
    4. Put the mouth piece of your headset somewhere in the vicinity of your gob so we can hear what you are saying.

    More importantly, why are these companies that are taking Millions of Pounds from British Customers allowed to have their 'No Customer Service' Departments in South Africa, America, The Phillipines, India etc - fucking employ some unemployed British People and invest the money you took from us back into our country and give us people that can understand an English Dialect without having to repeat 'Can you say that again' every friggin sentence.

    Ed Balls, that twat on TV set me off this morning, does he not understand this country is BROKE, it owes over three TRILLION pounds in debt to other countries due to the last labour government policies including the costs of the wars in Irag and Afghanistan - him and his boss Ed Milliband (is it me or does he look like friggin 'Beaker' off the muppets cos he certainly acts like Beaker...) sit their on TV telling us how wonderful they are and how much better the economy would be if they were in power... well they created the problem along with all the other people that had loans, finance and mortgages they could not afford to pay back... that is the real issues, not the friggin Banks, the banks only had problems because people could not pay back the monies they borrowed.. and don't get me started on those idiots in Europe and our membership of that thieving robbing organisation the European Government, I want to blow the whole lot of them into the next millenium.

    I feel like I am the only person left on the planet with any fucking common sense and the basis of an Education, it drives me to despair when I see friends and family still living off loans and credit cards - do they not understand that spending more than you earn is a slippery road into a life of financial bondage? Why does half the country think that the tax-payers of this country should be supporting those that live beyond their means, have more children than they can afford to pay for, pay for their childcare so they can go to work, drive around in brand new cars and enjoy 2-4 foreign holidays every year?

    I have locked myself in my office, I am afraid if anyone comes in I am going to explode, I just want a pill that I can give everyone that makes them into 'realists' instead of 'fantasists'...

    I have bottled this up for so long now I am not sure I can put it back in the bottle, I want lay down and just slip away into oblivion, I can't face next week, next month, next year - I know it will not get any better and with the Christmas period approaching, people will be spending more money that they don't have to buy presents for people that really don't need them and will feel obligation to buy them something back, dragging them down into the same mire... I have a mortgage, I don't own a credit card, I don't believe in them and more than I believe in friends lately.

    Please, someone tell me I am not alone in feeling like this, tell me honestly that there is more to life than rage and a feeling of total futility and despair.

    P.S. Jeez, even this website conspires against you, I know I took a while to type it but did you really need to log me out so I had to type it all over again?
  2. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Sorry that happen the log out thing hun it has happen to me as well dam technology right. I am glad you were able to vent here to get out some of the anger inside you . Hope that anger decreases soon as i know anger only seems to cause more problems if released in the wrong way.

    FUBARM Member

    I have been angry all my life, I think I was born angry, never understood why, spoken to many 'specialists' and they could not give me a reason either
  4. total eclipse

    total eclipse SF Friend Staff Alumni

    Specialist is that in the medical field as well Could be many reasons why adrenals thyroid hormones and many more I hope you do get some help hun it does not feel good to be angry all time I know anger andit scares me when i get so angry i don't want to go there anymore it hurts right Ihope you find someone to help you