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    the happiness is as happiness was
    a walk across the sea
    for everything that ever was
    has been hapeneing to me

    the scars that remind me the past is real
    the bear upon the shelf
    ther life i lived before it all
    the life i wanted for myself

    and here you are in spirit and mind
    infront of life as now
    my love my life my demon my faith
    i want to ask you how?

    can you be here and I am there
    wanting death more than life right now
    i know ther sound of the bettle underground
    tunneling tunnles for all that is new

    to get away from the demons that lay
    upon the ground so red
    i never thought the scars would stay
    foever after I was dead

    Im dead to humanity and dead to the world
    and maybe even soon
    i will be dead from life and dead from you
    and then I will not have a tune

    to say to you im sorry my love
    that life is so bad now
    but please my girl at my funeral service,
    release that bright white dove...
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.