Why me?

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    i'm so alone.

    I dont know whats goin on in my life.

    its moving to fast.

    my mental state i dont think its wrong

    i think its necessary.

    i cut myself to stop my self from killing myself

    but cutting myself isn't having much of an effect anymore.

    so i take the next step.

    i can get rid of all of this with one cut

    one of the easy actions

    is one of the hardest things i've ever done.

    i feel lost in my mind.

    i feel as if no-one cares.

    the one person keeping me alive is my mum

    but my love for her only goes so far i know thats terrible but the pain is smothering me

    im choking on it

    i taste it.

    its become my life everything has become my pain

    i just want to release the burden of pain i never asked for this!

    why is it on me.