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why me

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A question im sure most of you ask. Why are we put here, in the end we only die and for some life is fun, well for the rest of its a fukn joke. Just last week I lost a friend to suicide, a sick joke life is playin on me. Guess I should be used to all this shit happening to me. Im sure there are other people out ther tht have had the same hapen to them and I know how you feel, lonely and defeated. At lest thats how I feel. If your in need of a friend well I will listen to your story. I wil be your friend for as long as I am here just pm me im not joking. Guess its ironic for some of us, we will always put others before us even though we are up to our necks in guilt and sadness, I dont know about all you guys but I just dont want others to hurt like I do...

Sorry if im babbling away but im just letting it out I guess. I hope you all can find happiness in this world but otherwise ignore this if u think its stupid. So I guess this is where we all can help each other so use this to ur advantage and tell us how u feel.
I'm so sorry that you lost your friend

I don't know if I know what to say

I hope that you can get better, and then in memory of your friend maybe you can help someone else survive a suicidal crisis

I think that's a way to make sense of bad things that happen. that they inspire you to keep bad things from happening again

I hope that you can feel better soon

:hug: :hug: :hug:

:console: :console:
this isnt stupid hun, its kind and caring, and it touches me in the heart. I hope you can soon find a helpfulness in the memory of your friend, and ill be here too, as you offer to be people's friends, but i know you need people to lean on too.
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