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Why me?

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Happiness eludes me. I try daily to be happy and always fail. It is either something from withing that triggers my depression or something from without. Today it is something from without. In my life I have helped a lot of people. Have always been there for others, helped people financially, and so on. One of these people is my brother. He was being kicked out of his apartment for non payment of rent. His electric was shut off, etc. I took him in. What did I get in return. He stole my identity. Not only did he steal my identity, but he stole my mother's and his girlfriend's identiy too. I am now being sued by some company I have never ever heard of?

I am so depressed and would love to end it all. I hate everything. I am like a piece of garbage, kicked to the side of the curb. I have lost faith in the whole world.

This whole mess is making me physically ill too. I am so sick over this. Meaning is gone from my life. I trust no one. That is one horrible way to have to live.

I have never felt so low in all of my 55 years of suffering.

Thanks for listening,

total eclipse

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You do not have to pay anything to company suing you get authorities to contact them let them know your identity was stolen and your brother will have to pay for his crimes i am sorry he took advantage of all of you hun hug
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