why mistreat?

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    okay i put this in here because well i am sure some here may have been mistreated by their family or loved ones but then again may not?

    anyway i just wonder why do family members mistreat each other? i never could understand why they do that and i mean i have been more then helpful to my younger brother chris. so much that i went into debt for him i pawned my car title to me subaru to get him a wood stove. i already had one but he didn't so i pawned my title to buy him a stove, then his truck torn up so i then borrowed money on a sig loan to get him a tranny. This was when he didn't have a job but had told me he would help me pay it off when he got his income tax refund, well he got a refund buit could not even loan me $200 when i asked him to borrow some money

    Well he had been helping me with getting me abouty 100 worth of food each month, however this month he has decided not to help me. get this, he has a ghreat job, makes 12'50 an hour and brings home around 450 to? every week. he doesn't pay rent he stays here free on land that i make a mortage payment on each month. now seeing as how i have 2 big bills to pay for helping him when he was down, i don't have any for food this month and he cant even give me 100 to buiy some with?

    I have never mistreated him ever and yet i always let myself get hurt. well not gonna happen anymore. he is gonna have to find him a place to live because i am selling out and he is not getting a dime of it at all.

    so i guess i am just wondering why do family members mistreat each other?
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    Time to start charging him a fee then right make him pay his way
    The reason he does this is because he knows you will do nothing time to make him pay his way now hugs
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    yeah i know but what will really hurt him the most is if i sell it out from under him.. it is not like he cant afford rent because he can now. he gets 400 to 500 take home each week and yet he and his darling little wife go to rodeo bobs ( a beer joint ) almost every friday. so yep i am gonna sell and he aint getting a penny of it. show him how it feels to have a family member come into some money and let him ask me to borrow some off me i will do him the same way and ignore his request.:sparkle: and i have 14 acres here with 3 mobiles so i figure 6000 per acre for 14 acres $84000 and whoever buys it gets the 3 mobile homes and 1/2 acre for free. and guess what i did when i left here a while ago? i webnt to a local realtor online website and asked for a realtor to list it ASAP. I can't get a dang job here in tennessee anyway but yet get tons of offers out of state so yeah i say its time to sell out, pack up and move to a new location