Why must people be like this?!?!?!?!?!

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    every day it's always, "Why do you have to be so fat?" "Why must you be so irresponsible" "Hey guys, please pray that my daughter will change so that she will be so irresponsible" "Oh stop acting depressed, I know your faking it and aren't actually thinking about suicide." "Grow up and stop being a bitch all the time" She always gets md that I don't tell her how i feel anymore.It's like, I used to when I was normal, but once I started getting depressed she would get mad and ground me if I told her how I felt. I have tried multiple time to be the person she wants me to be, but i can't lie to myself. i have tried talking to other people but they all back stab me and call up my mother. I thought those people were supposed to be confidential helpers not back stabbers!!!!!It's gotten to the point where I just bottle up my feelings and everyone knows what happens then....you have a close friend and they just pick the worst day and you blow up in their faces making them walk away and never talking to you again.....I hate how nobody knows the real me....they think I have no feelings or emotions. they think they can treat me however they want and ill just be a good little girl and take it and smile. Well I've had enough! I've finally been being myself and although it feels good to not hide, I've gotten in so much trouble....lately I have been contemplating suicide.....today I almost tried again for the third time....it's only thanks to another website that I didn't and that is because they brought me to here and gave me the number for the suicide hot-line.....I just wish the rest of the world could as kind as that person.....
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    I'm so sorry to hear your mom is being inconsiderate that way. I'm afraid sometimes parents just don't want to acknowledge that there children are going through tough times. My parents are ignorant of mine. I'm glad you were guided to these forums *hug. It serves as a great tool to vent out your feelings and getting advice. I hope you use it to your advantage whenever you do need it. Just know that you're not alone! You're bound to find people here with a similar situation as yourself. Stick around :) and make some friends *hug.
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    Iknow how you both feel as far as parents go.
    My dad did not want to believe his oldest son has medical problems that affect pretty much every thing I can and can't do(seizures) I never could get his support about anything I WANT to do, he would only bless something of his own taste, which to me was self centered.
    My mom is the type that cannot let me out of her site, I could never get privacy living with her, so I pretty much was forced to leave and live on my own, but that did not stop her, she deliberately moved near me so she could keep an eye on me, needless to say it did not feel like my own place, more like a bigger bedroom, I just had to move on the other side of town to be rid or her.
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    I think the way your mother treats you is disgusting. No one deserves to be told those things. I swear, some people shouldn't have the right to breed.

    It takes a lot of courage to be yourself like that. I wish I was like that.
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    yeah and if she didn't I would not be here, at least she did something right