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Why My suicide is justified.

Discussion in 'Rants, Musings and Ideas' started by eduardo, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. eduardo

    eduardo Active Member

    I am really sorry for all the things happening to you all.
    My case is kind of different.

    1. My country is having the worse time in its whole history. Crime without control, healthcare system about to collapse, poverty, economy going down. We got a new govt that is kinda working but I don't think things will change completely. I tried to move to another country but it's almost (99%) impossible.

    2. I'm gay in a homphobic country: It does not matter I speak 3 languages, I study Finance & Insurance: My sexual orientation will always be more important than that.

    Is there something I can do to fix it? No! I cannot fix my country's problems, I cannot move to another country. I cannot fight for my rights.

    The only thing I can decide is if I <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods>.
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  2. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    you say your case is different because of your country and sexual orientation? its not. we are all here because we are drawn to death. you dont have to die or self harm. you can keep your sexuality private. you can choose to survive. you dont have to change. you just need to find a way to keep going.
  3. eduardo

    eduardo Active Member

    It's hard to see people dying.
    some for robberies
    some for drug related crime (I know they're not innocent but anyway)
    some because the healthcare system did not provide them with medicines.
    some because of neglicence.
    some women dying of domestic violence
    some of them in street fights because they were drunk

    Not only the pain of seeing people dying but the pain of seeing how all nationals are worried and pesimist about the future that looks horrible. People all day comment about how bad is the situation. That makes me sad.
  4. necrodude

    necrodude Well-Known Member

    its like that all over the world. its not nice. you cant take on your countrys problems. you need to look after yourself. once you get your degree, you will have more options. the whole world suffers from individuals mistakes. dont be the one to carry that burden. work hard and have fun.
    thats all any of us can do
  5. WldHair

    WldHair Well-Known Member

    Eduardo, all those things happen in my neighborhood alone. All I have to do is read the police blotter for the week. Man has been creating violence since the world began. Honestly, if you compare now to history it's actually a bit better. At least you don't have marauding bands of Vandals to raid your city, kill, rape, burn it to the ground and carry off people as slaves.

    Right now, you have to worry about you. You're only seeing the bad in the world and are missing all the good things there are with the world. How about you just focus on getting through school and make a plan to get out of where you are. You're still young enough to where you have a future. If you leave your country and you still aren't able to see the light, then face all that then. Right now, you're just burdening yourself with things that have nothing to do with you.

    Hang in there.
  6. Godsdrummer

    Godsdrummer Guest

    BTW....suicide is NEVER justified. NEVER!

    There are people on this world that love you, and I happen to think that there is a certain being, a creator, if you will, that also loves you. And He really doesnt like when people destroy what He made.

    You are who you are. The world is, as it is.

    Just take the time to enjoy being you. Screw the rest of it.
  7. eduardo

    eduardo Active Member

    I'm truly sad. I'm not ashamed for being gay because I was BORN like this. Why people keep judging me? Why all this discrimination? Why I can't have a normal life? I have almost all my rights denied just for being born like this: It's not fair. I never thought about suicide like this but I think that the time has come: I realized society is not gonna change about it. They will always say I'm wrong but I was born like this. I can't control it. The time has come
  8. ansdr

    ansdr Well-Known Member

    Well that's how it is. Your born a certain way and you try to explain it to people so they can accept you and they just don't. You can't change their minds most of the time. Hey i tried to change someones mind about me and i got the cops called on me. So, just goes to show.
  9. eduardo

    eduardo Active Member

    I think I sent you a PM but it didn't work: what happened to you?
  10. Littlewiji

    Littlewiji Well-Known Member

    What country is this? It sounds pretty shitty
  11. fromthatshow

    fromthatshow Staff Alumni SF Supporter

    Maybe we cannot change what happens to us. Maybe we cannot change our situation. But we can change how we look at the situation we're presented with.
  12. Little_me

    Little_me Well-Known Member

    Suicide is never justified, especially not like this. What your country and/or culture is like, is NEVER, never your fault! You can't help where you are born. You are who you are no matter what. Cliché, but true.
    This must be like piss... You should move to the US, Europe or something. Here homosexuality is much more accepted, both by law and socially... Studying in another country might be a great option for you?

    I really wish you the best.
  13. Little_me

    Little_me Well-Known Member

    I'm studying psychology for the moment. That's Jean Piaget!
  14. eduardo

    eduardo Active Member

    I really don't know how I feel.
    I recently had to quit my job because work enviroment was awful and hostile.
    I know it will take some time go get another job but I'll get something because I speak 3 languages and I study Banking.

    1st point: About being gay: I'm OK because my family and friends all support me and respect me. I shouldn't have to care about what other people say. Yes, It's hard when you see people with bigotry on the streets but they're the stupid, not me.

    2nd point: I am sad because things at work ended that way. With problems. I would have wanted to quit to look for better professional chances but It wasn't that way. Everyhting ended with problems.

    3rd point: My country is having a bad time (as I said before). However, I sometimes think that there is some Yellow journalism involved. They focus only on assaults, murders, AH1N1 and that stuff. It's like they just do it for the rating. We also had very hard times in 1930-1941 and from 1981-1989 (This last period of years was full of political instability, banks were closed and stuff)... We have had these problems with violence and eocnomy since 2006: Will we defeat these problems? Maybe yes, maybe not.

    But the point is that sometimes I feel very positive about the future and suddenly I see bad news on TV and I get depressed again... IDK what to do because then I recover these suicidal thoughts. That's the reason why I wanna work again... because of the money and because I wanna keep my mind busy.

    I had never thought about suicide this way: an actual suicide plan. I was gonna get out my money from the bank- give it to my family and then kill myself <Mod Edit, WildCherry: Methods> IDK... Really
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  15. sammakko

    sammakko Banned Member

    Eduardo, i like gays because they are men who don't want to dig my holes. That is one point for you without you have to do anything but be yourself.
  16. SuicideIsTheWrongOption

    SuicideIsTheWrongOption Well-Known Member

    That's the weirdest phrasing i've ever come across.

    What country are you talking about? And some countries have problems with gays, just like some are still openly racist. You can make the best of the situation, or you can move. Being gay is easy to hide though, if you feel like you're going to be punished for it. Although i don't think you should have to hide it at all.
  17. eduardo

    eduardo Active Member

    The gay issue is not that bad. As long as my friends and family support me and respect me I'm OK.

    However, I get depressed when I see bad news on TV. As I said before. We had extremely hard times during 1931-1941 and 1981-1989/90 and now we're having another hard time since 2006. IDK if we will be better someday. And believe, It's almost impossible to move... I would not like to be condidered like "the foreigner". and It's not an easy process either.

    IDK what to do since now I have a suicide plan. I always thought about suicide but not like now with a suicide plan and everything
  18. sammakko

    sammakko Banned Member

    I am weird as my life has been weird :tongue: That is why people do not like me

  19. eduardo

    eduardo Active Member

    I am less scared every day. I know that some people see it different but in some cases suicide is a liberation from all this pain I can't handle any longer.
  20. JonathanK

    JonathanK Well-Known Member

    It sounds like you're referencing the US, and if it is, I really don't think its an over statement. I agree. Hold in there man.