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why not commiting suizide?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by marcus, Aug 19, 2006.

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  1. marcus

    marcus Member

    we all die. what's the point of existence?
  2. xestrangedx

    xestrangedx Member

    I cant tell you what the point is. Only you can. I believe in fate and destiny - everything happens for a reason. You were born and out here for a reason. I dont it and you may not either right now. I hold onto and try not to give up. Yes we all die - nothing lasts forever - but i would rather just try to hold on until its time for me to die. Sometimes i slip up but most of the time i can get back up.
  3. marcus

    marcus Member

    what reason? I don't see a reason behind all this.
  4. xestrangedx

    xestrangedx Member

    Well you have to find your own reasons. Someone on the internet cant tell you. There are reasons im sure you know there are. Just right now you are blocking them out. Sorry i cant help you with what you want to find.
  5. goop

    goop Active Member

    true we all die.

    If I died right now, I might never know what the point of existance is...

    For me, its about doing time.

    time is a bitch. I fucking hate it.

    Im doing mental jail time waiting for things to emerge and make sense.

    One day things should make sense

    tic tok

  6. marcus

    marcus Member

    Things will make sense? Honestly, when?
    Since the birth of mankind (I'm taking about a couple of thausand years) noone has revealed the secret and I'm the one supposed to find out?
  7. marcus

    marcus Member

    I'm sure I don't block out any reasons. I do exist right now because I want to find reason!
    But all reason I ever heard of either was a reason for a short (or longer) duration, or a reason I didn't understand or find stupid.

    Why are you sure there is a predifined reason for everyone? hwo or what has difined that reason? Does every beeing defines the reason itself?
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  8. goop

    goop Active Member

    Hi marcus

    I dont know.

    It could be something as simple as looking across a room and making eye contact with a lovely woman, whom you fall for and spend the rest of your life with.

    it might make sense then and only then and in that direct point in time.

    Im suggesting that things might not be apparent right now. But perhaps, one day, things might happen that put your (and my) life into perspective.

    For sure, life is full on shit. Now

    things could be insanely and absurdly different- given time

    If your not around to see if things get better, you would never know!

    wishing you well

  9. marcus

    marcus Member

    hi goop!

    My life ain't full of shit. I'm no pessimist, but I'm no optimist either. There are happy moments, there are bad ones. But in the end, lets face it - everyone who lives now will be dead in 100 (and somthing) years. What's the point then?
    I was born, struggled and enjoyed, then I died and that's supposed to be it?
    It might have been cool the first time, or maybe even the second, but meanwhile mankind has done pretty much anything in their lifes, and they still do nothing more than this. It seems it's all been done before. What's the point of repeating it over and over again?
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  10. goop

    goop Active Member

    hi marcus

    agreed! mankind has been on the go for zillions of years. As a person like you, i must say that i am not consciously aware of having gone through a timeline of thousands of years. Im 27, have been here 27 years, have gone through 27 years but sadly do not have the ability to 'tap' into time at will. 17 was a great year for me. I would love to go back and re-live my 17th year, but i cant. Im in the present. I cant go back, all i can do is look forward to is the future.

    Re-incarnation is without doubt an immense subject and i could talk immaculate about my drug fuelled visits into psychospace! But as someone once said, just becuase you have been to prison, it does not mean you will keep going back and back.

    Anyway death is heavy.

    Its inevitable.

    Just because i have to die, does not mean that i cant have a good life before i die.

    A flower blooms, before it dies. I intend to bloom!!

    just trying to help


  11. marcus

    marcus Member

    goop - thanks for your input!

    I'm not taking about reincarnation. I ain't aware of several lifes, but I read history books and talk to all kind of people and try to get as many knowledge about the subject (meaning of life) as I can.
    Considering the mass of people already lifed on this earth, I take it for granted that whatever I do, it has been done before. Now if you say that's impossible, every life is unique, you are right, of course. But I don't talk about the details. Yes, I could take some peanut butter, dry it in the oven, add suggar, milk, a special spice only avilable in the hights of tibet and some ballpoint pen-ink, smash the mixture at my ceilling and preform a hula-dance under the spot while singing "I Got You Babe".
    I'm pretty sure no one ever did that before. But thats it.

    So I'm looking for the bigger stuff. Unfortunately, there has been a lot of love, hate, joy, war, ect in history. And people still strive for the same things. They are all dead now - like the flower. They bloom (or not) and then they die. What's the point of blooming anyway? To pollinate and create life? So that it might ask the same question over and over again? Prepetuation of species??
  12. marcus

    marcus Member

    Course not. But what's that thing you describe as "good" How do you know its' positiv aspect is a matter of fact and not something you learnd to assotiate with a positiv image from the days on you were created?

    I don't see a point in lifing a "good" life, because I'm not confinced this is my very own choosing. What I like and what I dislike has been influenced by my environment in such a great deal, that I honestly could't tell you what would be left if I crop all that.
  13. deathdomepart

    deathdomepart Active Member

    marcus you my think you have nothing but you have life and being alive is amazing in its self because of how unlikely it is for you or me or anyone to even be born. there is a point to life for me its to try my hardest to acchieve my dream which is to become a succeful musician and for my friend its to become a lawyer you just have to find something to reach for no matter how insignificant or how impossible it seems to accheive. you just have to go for it.

    charlotte xxxx
  14. Reading through your posts, Marcus, it seems that you're not so much concerned with the common term "life"... perhaps "what is the point of existance?" would be a more appropriate question? I dunno... I'm just guessing here.
  15. marcus

    marcus Member

    I'm sorry, but I don't understand that. Would you be so kind and explain it to me? Why is it unlikely to be born? I mean we all are born, so how can it be likely or unlikely?

    What concerns me is not what I want to do with my life, because I have dreams and desires just like a regular person. But as I said in my last post, I doubt these desires and dreams come from my inner self (the "true" me). Because when I reflect about my past, my friends, my parents and my environment, I come to the conclusion hardly anything originated within me. Actually nothing at all. Of course, I do choose what I rather like, chocolate of chips, hiphop or metal, sports or drama, democrats or repuplican, business or artist, but the motivation behind my decisions - WHY - I want to become this or that lies in darkness. And when I think about it, I must realize it originates from the outside.
    No, I don't think I'm a product of my surrounding. I don't see myself as a puppet on strings either. I still can think, reflect and make decisions. However I don't turst all my desires and dreams anymore. I want to know WHY I want this or that. And I want to be sure it's me who want it and not some moral agreement I signed without verification. I don't want to want anything because it is expected from me. I don't want to be a slave of subtle advertising or propaganda. But as a matter of fact, these mechanisms DO work. It's hard to see though it if you are on the receiving end and not on the side of production. But even if you are "professional brainwasher" - it works on your nevertheless.

    I could start filling my life with activies until I have no time to think. But would it help me? I don't think so. It would keep me occupied, distracted. Keep me from thinking about really imporant things. Like: WHAT FOR???

    We are so busy to support economy, raising the standard of living, enjoy what we do, hardly anyone tries to clearify what's the reasons behind all this.
    There are some theories, some beliefs, but if they are not clouded by contradiction, when you get to the core of matter, everyone admits they know nothing. You have either to asume, or belief.

    WOW, what an achivement! Build upon nothing but hot air and it even dares to call itself "civilisation".

    Do you understand why becomeing an artist or doctor is not enough for me?

    If you look at my first post, this is exacly what you'll see:
  16. SoSweet

    SoSweet Member

    There is no conceivable reason for existence. Using the same logic to answer your first question, why did you bother to create this topic? Surely if there is no point for it, then you would have simply commited suicide as rather than perform some ultimately meaningless and futile action, such as creating this. So if that's the case then why did you make this? The same reason for you making this, is the same reason others choose to live. Anything(Nothing is also encompassed within 'Anything') (Due to the subjectivity of humanity (As a result of the same 'anything' effecting our upbringing (or environment)) we all differ in the sense that we believe different things, however the one true catagory that all things may apply to regardless, is 'anything') Surely with anything being the motivation for your creation of this thread, one can similarly apply anything as a reason to keep existing, or even to die.

    I apoligise if this post is confusing, I struggle to make sense of it myself when I reread it, but it's the most logical way I can layout what I am trying to say.
  17. ts3433

    ts3433 Guest

    Perhaps, then, there is no universal "secret" to human existence (aside from things that can be generalized for all organisms, such as the natural, instinctive goal to procreate). I don't believe you can simplify human life down to one uniquely human purpose--how homogeneous would we all be otherwise? I've struggled with the same question myself in the past, but I've determined that each person will find a different purpose in his life. People may be able to help you to determine that purpose, but no one can determine it for you without making you unhappy (they're not you, after all). It's difficult to accept, I admit, since in a way you have to accept it axiomatically with no proof, but it's the best answer that I can give you.
  18. kittie kat

    kittie kat Active Member

    hey man... no one knows the purpose of existance.. and no one knows the reason to die... i learned something from my experience...
    why to live? well why to die?...
    Just empty ur self from everything and be stuff as board.. just look around u... try to see and accept... relax, lay back... dont ever take anything seriously coz everything can either be fixed or replaced... there 's no "forever" in this life time...Just dont give a fuck... u know...and try to turn ur hatred into love and acceptance... it will help... in the end, it always get better... never it ends up bad... i promise...
    if u wanna talk im here...
    and just chill man... u will know eventually what i mean...
    do what u like to do only, fuck the rest of the world, coz now u r in a crisis, save ur self! but stay betwen the limits of freedom...
    ps: sorry for the bad language....
  19. marcus

    marcus Member

    Thanks to all of you for taking the time to reply!

    I'm sorry, but despite reading it over and over again, I don't get what you are triing to say. There are too man brackets within brackets and 'anythings' and 'nothings'.

    I hope you don't mind if I will answer your question instead of replying:

    I created this topic because I hope for a reason. Or rather a better reason than to guarantee the survival of your species, or to serve hedonism or a supreme being wich is so supreme it can't be questioned, or leaving a mark on earth (eventually even something alive like children - so that they struggle with the same difficulties) and so on and so forth.
    What is better?
    Better in my eyes would be a cause that exists without any contradiction, without proven failure. Something that's "real".
    So what's real?
    I don't know. What really shocks me is no one else knows it either. At least this is my experience. I created this topic in hope that maybe there is someone out there who has an idea or a concept or whatever, that might sound "real".
    I can't belief that in mankinds history no one ever cared about this topic! At least it seems not enough people. Otherwise the search for "what is real" would be in first place of every countries constitution, right?
    I mean if you don't know what's real, (which is kind of the first premiss, isn't it?) than every following conclusion is either build upon assumtion or belief. Anyway it is most likely it doesn't have much in common with reality.

    This is a pro-life forum, So I though "Why not commiting suicide?" would be an appropriate question.

    What makes you so sure the instinks of procreation is an universal truth? In my eyes it's rather an assumtion.
    Besides that, if everyone has it's own purpose, what would that be? I mean from what can I choose from? What are my prospects, what are the possibilities? Can I choose whatever I want? If I choose to bring agony and suffer to everyone else on the planet, would that be okay too? Following this conclusion would legitimate suizide or even genozide. But I guess you are talking about something different. Could you please tell me more about your view of the world?

    kittie kat:
    Thanks for your concern, but I have to disagree. I do think there is a "forever" in this lifetime. If I loose my arm, I will probably loose it forever. If my friend get killed, he's dead forever too. If you really are from Lebanon, you'll know what I talk about.
    What makes you feal so optimistic? I often lay back and relax, but that doesn't change the world into a perfect place.
  20. luciano

    luciano Guest

    I have spent much time thinking about what you are talking about. Why we are born just to die, what purpose could we possibly provide in the short time we have in this life. I don't have an answer, and I doubt anybody on this board will be able to provide one, let alone any one on the earth.

    Who knows, we being here on this planet may just be a socialogical experiment to find out the meaning of life. I don't know.

    My observation on life is that it is all about relationships. Not just between 2 people but how we get a long with everyone. Which connects us all. I don't think that is the meaning of life though, just what I see as being a major part. But I may be biased towards it seeing it is the area of my life that is lacking the most and may just appear larger than it is.

    just my 2 cents
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