Why not die?

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    I am a 43 year old widowed woman who has lost both parents (before they were 50), has a set of 20 year old twins (boys) who basically stopped loving me after their father died--one wishes it were me instead of his dad. The other states he hated his dad, although he taught them how to be men--they stand on their own two feet--certainly don't need any assistance or input from me anymore. I have no family (come from a very abusive family anyway) and no life to speak of.
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    It's an unhappy situation you find yourself in. I think your two sons are the reason you should not die, it sounds like there father passing affected them quite a lot and whether they might not say it to you face right now i imagine you dying would not be what they want. If your thinking of or going to do something to yourself then what have you got to lose, slowly trying to have some contact and seeing if you can bond again seems like a goal worth living for, it i am guessing would also give you back some happiness and to them.

    I read you other post, i hope you manage to sort you living arrangement it must be hard to relax living like that.
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