Why not let go?

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I think I'm having a massive realization, death is the easy way out so why not?

My family is whats keeping me around, followed by my luxury life of having what I want (video games, laptop, and tv).

But why should I go on? Just because I'm feeling guilty of the impact it'll have on my family? Please, with any death you moan for a little while then get over them, so to speak.

But what about me? Life, its about having friends, entertainment, spouse, and then kids; Having a job plays an important part in all these, but why would I be happy working when so many others are not? Just so I can pay for things?

I do want these things, but being 'realistic' I know how impossible it is. Let me stop you right there, all my problems of how much I loathe myself are on the first page, take a look.

Being 'realistic' the majority of the population do judge people by looks and girls do want a medium/big fish. Others that don't care about looks, are they really willing to settle for a small fish? Maybe, but how will I get over the feeling that I don't compare? Impossible.

Furthermore, my area has those kind of people. 'mean' people, will do for now. And so I'm let with the rare kind of people, yeah I may be to find them online, but that's it, they're online!

I'm sure I could go further into making friends, but a spouse seems more important. I think its time I be realistic & call it quits (I need a pain free & quick way to leave).

I doubt you can give me advice. I've already gone over my own advice & other peoples topic countless of times... people face some of the things I face, people face worse, but why drag yourself through life?

Now I don't even know why I've bothered posting either...
I think that there a folks on here who have lost a child to suicide. It's nightmare hell. there have actually been studies that show that the death of a child is the most stressful experience one can go through.

losing a child to suicide in particular may be even worse.

while having a relationship can be nice, your life doesn't have to revolve around it. lots of people have lived lives that they found worthwhile even though they were not in relationships

lots of people are concerned with superficial things, but there are certainly people who find relationships that they are happy with even though they aren't rich or physically attractive


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There seems to be a 'condition' many of us have which is taking on everything at once and feeling so down and overwhelmed, that things feel impossible...maybe working on the job first, which you feel you can get, and seeing what else follows...they say, 'one step at a time' and I think that is truly the way to protect ourselves from getting so far ahead of ourselves that things seem impossible...J
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