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    Ok so I wasn't sure where to put this one, I'm venting but it also includes an eating disorder...anyway, I'll just vent here.

    So it started a few days ago, where it was an average day at school. My best friend was away that day, but one of my other good friends in my class was there. We had English. I sat alone as my best friend that was away I usually sit with. We had a different teacher as our normal one was away. We sat down and the teacher introduced herself and gave us all papers to read. It was an article, and it was called "Emotion Sickness". The title was a bit triggering to me, but I read on thinking it was just a normal article. But no. It had to be about a celebrity dealing with being depressed and anorexic. It explained what depression was and what anorexia was and the teacher was talking about anorexia for the full hour period. Guess who's depressed and anorexic? ME! Yay, I was the only person in the class who was actually AFFECTED by this article. Everyone else was just bored and playing with their pens. Then, a kid in my class decided to tell everyone that anorexics think they are fat when they aren't. Guess who everyone turned to look at. Me, again! Or was it just my imagination, I'm not sure anymore. THEN, we had to read another article and this one was about binge eating disorders. Hahahahahaha best period of my life so far. I just blanked everything out until the bell rang. I almost had a panic attack but then pulled myself together. I now hate that teacher. Seriously, WHY would we be talking about two of MY disorders I have in ONE period. Oh, and my good friend that was there in my class kept looking at me the whole period. Yeah, he knows everything that has happened in my life. To make things even better, when I got out of my class I saw one of my friends. She knows about me being anorexic. I told her we have to read this article in English about anorexia. You know what she said? "Dude, who cares? Who really cares?" I replied with "No one. No one cares." And walked away. Since that day, I've had mental breakdowns everyday at school.
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    I'm sorry that it was a difficult lesson but it's possible that the teacher in question probably did not know that you are suffering from anorexia. I know that when I was at school teachers used to pull out articles about various mental health problems to make students aware of them. Whether it is to educate them or so people can recognise the warning signs in themselves. It's just one of those things I'm afraid. Are you officially diagnosed with anorexia? Maybe it would be a good idea to tell the school if you are so they can be more sensitive to your needs. When I was at school and struggling after a suicide attempt, I had a pass that allowed me to be excused from lessons if I needed to, if things got too much for me. Maybe your school could do the same.