why people shouldn't suicide?

Discussion in 'Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings' started by khaste, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. khaste

    khaste Member

    I can give you more than thousands reason why people can suicide!is there any reason that people shouldn't suicide?
  2. People can suicide for a million reasons.. But all for the same thing: Just want the pain to stop! They didn't really want to kill themselves but they just want the pain to stop. They are at the bottom of a bottomless dark pit and they are trying hard to climb out but they can't, so they need to seek for some helpto get out of the pit. This is a pro-life forum and we do everything to support people emotionally and make sure they don't kill themselves. You have taken the first step to come here and keep asking for suicide methods, why don't you just take the time to write out what is troubling you so much until you keep wanting to kill yourself desperately?? :hug:

    I love you and i want to help you, please allow me to help you. Thank you! :hug:
  3. khaste

    khaste Member

    I know why people suicide I don't know why it's not good to do that!
    when there are fewer people in the world there will be more food more water and easier life for others and besides all that the person who has killed himself won't suffer from life
    I have lots of problems but lots of them will disappear after some time but the thing that doesn't change is my feeling that I don't understand why do I have to live!that's all!even in my best time of my life when I was really happy I have thought to killing myself and don't bother myself by tolerating this insane life!
  4. This is depression you are talking about. You need some help. Please don't be angry with what i have posted. I am just here to make sure you live on.
  5. khaste

    khaste Member

    so you mean I was depressed since I was 11?but I think you'd better know that I have gone to lots of doctors and psychologists but they couldn't do anything for me!I took lots of medicine pills and etc but they just made me sleep and nothing else!
    I don't understand why is it important that a person like me die!there is no reason why shouldn't I do that!there won't be any change in the world after my death!the only thing that is different is that I won't suffer!and I will be really happy!that's really logical!
  6. Have you spoken to a counsellor face to face before? A psychologist? Everyone's life is precious and important. Please don't kill yourself. Please continue to talk to us. You can private message me with all the hate words or vulgarities if you feel angry and need to lash out at someone. I allow you to do so. Please be safe and stay away from suicide. :hug:
  7. khaste

    khaste Member

    I have done all of that before!you can't understand what is my problem because you are told to tell people don't kill yourself!that's everything you can do!
  8. Kaos General

    Kaos General Well-Known Member

    No one is saying you shouldnt do it, he is simply saying talk to someone who knows what your going through, such as all of us on here. No one knows what your problem is because as of yet you have yet to tell us so why dont you try. If you think its pointless then what have you got to lose?
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